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First Time Out

Tom Galli

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Today, I ventured out of the house for the first time since March 2nd. It is 86 degrees, no wind (reduced pollin), and I’m sitting in a lawn chair in my front yard overlooking a verdant green cul-du-sac. There is hardly any noise except for the birds and what might be the first chirping of cicadas. This is supposed to be a loud summer. It doesn’t sound that way yet. 

It is the dinner hour for most so the quiet stillness is expected. Still, it is abnormal in my experience. I read a news piece that Rush Limbaugh is having a tough time with first line treatment. Lung cancer is the great leveler. King or surf, prince or pauper, everyone gets the same stuff. Most of us don’t get celebrity attention. I’d venture most of us don’t want it. Can you imagine having to get all gussied up for an interview two days after an infusion? No thank you! But Rush is notable in some circles and his plight (the stuff we all quietly deal with) somehow becomes newsworthy. On reflection, I can think of a number of notable persons among us who ought to endure our “plight”. If they did, I bet the lung cancer world would be vastly different. 

Did you know Hope Summit alumni are having a Friday zoom-meeting. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll ensure you get an invite. It is great fun. 

No news from me is good news. Stay the course. 


OBTW—am well socially distant. Closest thing to me is a male cardinal who is slightly pissed off with my intrusion!

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Good to hear that you got out, Tom. One thing I’m learning is to sit quiet, see the things outside that need “”doing”, and be okay with not doing them - for the moment.

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I thought you actually ventured OUT, like to the world! But it was to your front yard - that got me laughing and congrats! 😂

When I complained the lack of attention on lung cancer overall, my rad onc said "true, but since lung cancer is so common, it gives the pharmaceutical companies the reasons to invest in it, thus all the recent advancement..." - so there is that.  Certainly didn't think about it that way.

Although I'm rather interested in the weekly (I'm guessing?) zoom meeting, given I don't get off work (online lately, obviously) til 3-330pm pacific time, I don't know if I should ask to be invited just to be a total flake 😬 hmmm.

Pondering how to be not flakey,


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Hi Tom, 

Hahaha!   So you made it out the front door, progress!  Our neighborhood has finally "cleared out" with our County back "open" so now I can go out for walks without having to worry about overcrowded walking trails! 

I did the ZOOM meet up last Friday with Katie Brown and I've got to say it was a BLAST to "meet" some new people.  I'm so Zoomed out with my circle of peeps, really this lock down is getting old.  We played some games and chatted about normal everyday stuff.   

I did see Rush's press release, I wish he would be more vocal about his treatment for the greater benefit, same goes for Joe Biden's young press secretary TJ Ducklow.   We could have a national platform.   Even my own family can't say the word lung cancer--- they each have their own code name for it!!  We still have a long way to go.  

MB- would hardly consider you a flake so it would be so much fun to "see" you!   


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Hello all - 

I did venture to the store with my husband last week for our weekly grocery pick-up. He opens the back of the Tahoe and the masked employee stays 6 feet away. This is the excitement in my life these days! I have a scan coming up in a couple of weeks so that will be my first time in a building (other than my own home) since March 11th. I may not remember how to behave in public! Obviously our community has to be more cautious with our outings but goodness, I need to be able to go wander around a store or go see my parents and friends. 

I hope you are all well. I think I'll venture outside for a little sunshine.

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I live in suburbs of Chicago. Outdoor seating at restaurants!   Have reservations this evening. Little steps to get back to life

VERY upsetting how many are not social distancing - like garden centers and beer gardens.  And now we are having protesting/riots in so many of our cities making it more dangerous to attempt a little normalcy 

The world has gone NUTS 


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I wandered into public for the first time in awhile to pick up some tomato and jalepeno plants - ours got zapped by the horrible wind we had for 4 straight days.  I donned a handmade mask and a hat - the mask to supposedly protect others from my possible germs and the hat because I have not had a haircut since March.  Not only was I overheated from wearing the mask and hat, I was overwhelmed by people! My neighborhood consists of 4 homes and 11 people, all separated by 5 acres each.  We may see each other in the distance and wave, but that's about it! In my home, it's just my husband and I.  We've gotten so accustomed to grocery pick up and Amazon deliveries that I am going to have a hard time entering society again! 

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Several asked for photos of the cardinals at my feeder. The big male didn't show but juvenile cardinals had a good time learning feeder etiquette. Top bird is a male and bottom is a female. These are newly fledged and mom & dad have kicked them out of the nest while they hatch more. Birdwatching is great fun!

Juvenile Cardinals.jpg

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