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PET CT this morning


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I had my PET CT this morning as the first step in trying to diagnose this new nodule I have in my right lower lobe. My oncologist talked like he was pretty sure it would turn out to be cancer. Based on the CT reports, and what I've been reading, I tend to think it MIGHT turn out to be something else. For one thing, my first cancer had spicules--this one is described as "lentiform." I know not all cancerous tumors have spicules, but I'm looking for any encouraging signs. We didn't discuss the possibility of biopsy, but if he's still concerned after the PET CT, or if it's an equivocal result, I'll ask him about that. It's not very big--1.6 cm, and has developed since my last scan 6 months ago--so I'm hopeful that even if it does turn out to be cancer, it will be like the other one--non-aggressive and curable. 

I'm hoping to hear from the doc by tomorrow. Any/all good vibes appreciated!

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