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scans tomorrow

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  We've been in touch so I know this has not been easy, but I'm still very hopeful you can get a slot in the trial!  I'm here for you at anytime...as you know!  


   Do you have your results yet?   Hoping for another NED Report!    See you Friday!! 


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Roe I don’t know if you’ve been doing the Friday zooms. I haven’t because I’ve been feeling too crappy and fatigued. So I have scans next week and either Kadcyla isn’t working or I just can’t tolerate it. I don’t really get a break from side effects
I haven’t seen an update from you  Did you get into the trial?   Or are you on another chemo?   Wishing the best for you


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So I’m kind of in the same boat as you Roz.   Scan today showed more growth so my HER2 target Kadcyla isn’t working. Breathless too so now I will get portable oxygen as needed. 
Have to get another needle biopsy and a pet scan. Depending on findings of biopsy - maybe a trial? Or another chemo. My oncologist said not a lot of options for me. She’s going to continue to look into it. Had Kadcyla treatment today since lymph nodes stable so let’s keep them that way!

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Hi Lin Wiki,

I'm sorry to hear that your treatment isn't working.

I'm hoping your oncologist finds a trial for you.

That's good about your lymph nodes!

Hang in there! Seems like we just get used to waiting and waiting! 



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