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scans tomorrow


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Thanks for all the good vibes everyone!

Sending the same to Tom and Robert's wife.

I haven't been NED since 2018 so it's not an expectation. However, it would be a great present to have it at least be stable from the last time (also this has never happened).

Have a great weekend everyone!




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I met with my oncologist (virtually) and the scans show that the cancer has continued to grow in both lungs.

It's also becoming more solid and the size of the multiple nodules is of concern.

We are waiting until the end of September to see if I get a slot in the just activated clinical trial that I have been waiting for.

However, she told me that she has no way of knowing who would get the slots. Apparently only 3 slots will open? She also thinks a Clinical trial is risky, without data on humans, and thinks I should consider different chemo drugs than I had in 2018. Since I have KRAS G12 D which to my knowledge hasn't been overly responsive to chemo, I'm extremely hesitant. 
So, that's where things stand at this point.

Take care everyone,



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Roz,  I’m sure they will get a good plan in order for you!! Hang in there and don’t lose hope.  They will find something good that going to attack the area and get you to NED!  
Sheryl xoxo

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Sorry that I'm getting here late - just returned from first chemo (4 hour drive away) last night.   So very sorry to hear your news and keeping everything crossed that you get a spot in the trial if that's the way you choose to go.   Has she told you which chemo drugs she would choose if you switch?  I know "not overly responsive" doesn't sound great, but it does leave the door open that it *could* work in your case.  Have you had multiple opinions?  As Michelle said, you're still feeling well, which is a big plus.  



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Roz.   You have a great attitude and I believe that will carry you through this. If you can’t get into clinical trial I would try the chemo at least to halt the growth

Prayers for you and keep us posted

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