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Cut me some slack as I am feeling somewhat mauldin. But you spend a lifetime investing in friendship. And now that investment is paying dividends for me in spades.

I am blessed to have so many caring friends. None more precious than my wife and kids.

I know. Way too sentimental for an Engineer. Dont care 

The freinds I have made on this board are even more special. Y'all dont know me from Adam yet you have accepted me into the fold.

Like I said. Cut me some slack. I'll go back to being a hardass soon enough 



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We all get by with a little help from our friends!  (Can you tell I’ve had my morning coffee). 

Those maudlin days come with the territory, don’t fight it.  It’s okay to get it out there, very healthy.    After the rain, the sun always shines.  

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Heck, I got maudlin over a phone call from my tax accountant to see how I'm doing. I'd reached out to him a couple months ago with some tax questions related to going out on disability (e.g., should I try to max out my 403(b) for the year before I go out on disability). 

I've worked with him for over 15 years--long story how I hooked up with him and TBH, I could probably do my own taxes these days--nothing complicated. Still, I've grown accustomed to the comfort of having someone else keep track of how to file the forms and all that crap. He told me I'm a "legacy client"--he no longer takes on individuals as clients, focusing instead on businesses. I pay too much money to have a pro do it but it's one of those things that makes me feel better. So WTF, nobody else's business.

Anyway, he had nothing to gain by reaching out and I felt all warm and fuzzy that he did.

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I recently started thinking about all of our friends and our adventures over the years, and have been grateful to the many who have reached out with offers of support. It occurred to me that one of our few 'adventures' outside our home these days it to pick up the mail. (Our mailbox is over a mile away.) I suggested to friends, some of whom we haven't seen in years, that it would be nice if they sent a 'snail mail' message or card to my husband, possibly with some photos. The response has brought me to tears more than once.

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During the summer, about a month after I was diagnosed, we went to a friend's lake house. There were 13 of us. The 7 women all went to high school together and our respective spouses ot SOs were there. After breakfast, they gave me a card saying that they had hired someone to clean out all of my landscaping and redo the mulch. And he was there that day. They saw a way they could help and did it. 

Joining you on the maudlin wagon. 

As Yeats said.....my glory was I had such friends. 

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