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Mom's Surgery Went Great!!!!


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Hey everyone, thank you all for your well wishes.

The surgey went great. It took 7 hours, they ended up only haveing to remove two ribs instead of three. He said that the tumor in the lung was "Dead", which form what I understand it means that it should not have spread. They also implanted some radiation pellets into the lung. I have to do some research on those, because I do not really understand how they work.

We called today and were told that she is already being taken out of ICU because she is doing so well, and they are right now getting her up to walk around. I guess these are all good signs as far as her recover. I am hoping that since she has been ahndling it so well in theses crucial first 24 hours that she will be home soon.

So this is the update that I have as of now. All I can say is thank God for this surgeon coming into our lives when he did. He is so great. I cannot believe the amount of time he spends talking to us and how he actually returns phone calls.. He is jsut great. And Thank God we did not isten to the first opinion we got. He said there is a 60% chance of her being cured. The first Dr. had said she had a 5% chance of living two years. So anyone new, PLEASE get two opinions!!!!!!!!

Thanks all,


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On the subject of the radiation pellets, if it is similar to the prostate cancer treatment, the pellets are radioactive bits of metal encased in plastic, which send out radiation and over time decay so that there is no radioactivity. They stay permanently in the organ. It is a way of putting a burst of radiation at the spot to be treated without a lot of side effects to other things in the area. Hope this helps. Don

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Big smackeroos being sent your way for your mother! And it sounds as if her surgeon is not only approachable and positive, but also on the cutting edge of the latest treatments...radioactive pellets, no less!

Please make sure mom hugs her pillow or teddy bear when coughing, uses her Spirometer RELIGIOUSLY, stays ahead of the pain with the meds, and pushes her exercising as much as the doctor allows as soon as he allows it. Keep us posted.

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thank you all!! sorry about all the typos. I am a little tired. Any way to do spell check on these?

Well I just got an update, that she is officially out of ICU and in a normal room. It seems like what she needs right now is a lot of rest. So it looks like she may have a speedy recovery, though one thing I have learned is you never know what can happen tomorrow.

I will keep everyone posted. I cannot say enough how much my whole family is so happy to have been introduced to the Surgeon and everyone at Dana Farber. They have been great. Anyone who lives in or near Mass. I highly recommend it!!

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I love hearing all this good news!! Here's hoping your mom has an uneventful recovery. Lots and lots of pillows sure help with the surgical pain.....the more the merrier!! Nothing props you up better than a mound or two of fluffy pillows. I doubt I ever could've slept at all during the first couple weeks after surgery if I hadn't had them. Keep on going with your fantastic 'good luck'.

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Erin, what great, great news----

she will be home in no time, I am sure

I had to stay in ICU for 4 days---so she is doing great if she has been moved already !!!

Make sure she does those breathing exercises, it really does help

best wishes

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Great news, and I hope things continue to go so well with you. One thing that my doc told me was that sleeping in a recliner the first few weeks would help with the pain....I did it and it did help. Good thoughts to all of you.


aka Nina

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