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Hi Howard,

I am back.My computer was down for a few days.I am going ok.I had a PET scan day before yesterday and am awaiting results to see what do think about doing next.I am finally gaining strength from the radiation treatments and feel a bit better every day.I hope that you are doing good too.Take care and I am praying for us all.TBone

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Due to the change in seasons, we're presently moving from the gumbo mode into the fish fry/ low country boil mode. But we can always do gumbo if that's what you prefer! We built a 8 foot 'hog trough' (with a hole in one end for drainage) that we dump our low country boil (stew) into (shrimp, sausage, corn on cob, red potatoes, onions) and you go by an pick out your dinner. Actually we all usually end up standing around the trough picking, eating and talking! For appetizers we smoke a few oysters under wet croker sacks or eat them right out of the ice chest on the back of the pickup truck. Talkin' 'bout good.........


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Sure are glad to have you back T-bone. Now lets hope and pray the next plan of attack if a good one. Glad to hear your feeling better. This road is all about TIME! It takes TIME! Enjoy the RIDE??? Or whatever! I don't think this is a ride any of us wants to be on, but we're HERE! Stay strong and God Bless. Praying for GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU!

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