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Mom's Service was Yesterday

Andrea B.

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My mom's funeral service was yesterday and I think it was a bit of peace and finality that I needed. We viewed my mom and she looked beautiful and so at peace. This brought me some much needed comfort.

My mom's passing will leave an enormous void in my life, but the fullness of love and memories she left me with will help me go on each day.

I don't exactly know the hows of moving forward, but I know my mom would want me too.

I was also able to get up and speak at her funeral and her is what I said to her:

I know my mom is looking down on me from heaven right now and saying, “I know you are angry and your heart filled with sadness”. Then she continues to tell me, “grieve for me and be sad, but also be happy and live your life to the fullest.” “I am okay and at peace my love and one day you will be too and one day we will see each other again”. And to this I know she is right.

My mom was one to always face life with a smile and a positive attitude. She saw the good in everyone. Her heart was filled with kindness and unconditional love. My mom always lived her life to the fullest. In fact, she continuously told me that I had to quit planning so many outings for us, because she had to stay home and clean her basement. Now mom, weren’t those outings much more fun?!

She taught me to stop and enjoy the simple things in life.

She taught me the joys of loving others and being loved unconditionally.

She taught me what matters most in life are people, not material possessions and that beauty comes from the inside.

She taught me no obstacle was too big to stand in my way of achieving my goals.

She taught me the pleasures of taking time to help others and lend a hand when needed. My mom had a special gift of never asking if you needed help, she would just show up with her sleeves rolled up and did the task at hand.

She taught me the meaning of being loved by a mother and the loving tools to be a mother. She was always ready with a hug and kiss.

She taught me the joys of learning and exploring new things and that you are never to old to increase your knowledge. She was always on the phone to me with the latest news updates.

She taught me the benefits of being a strong woman. And yet, being able to express my feelings and vulnerabilities.

She taught me to love all of God’s creatures.

She taught me that when life gets tough you don’t throw in the towel…you keep on fighting.

So for you mom and all the life lessons you have taught me I will go on. I will teach Isadora all the blessings you have bestowed upon me…so that you will continue to live on in us.

Mom and I packed a lot of memories and love in the 32 years we had together. I will cherish them forever.

Mom, I will miss you with all my heart. I love you with each breath I take. Until the day we meet again…

And mom, the Mariners are off to a lousy start, but I will keep rooting them on just for you.

I love you!


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Guest bessb


What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. You two must have been the best of friends. You were such a wonderful daughter to her and she sounds like she was one of the worlds best Mom's.

Bess B

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Dear Andrea,

I knew your mom was a beautiful person by her sweet face. Iknow I have said that before but just by looking at her I could see everything you wrote about her. Since I have lost my dad I strive daily to be like him, even though I have a long way to go to ever compare to him he was the male version of your mom. I just wanted you to know from way back in the beginning when you were new here I could tell you have many of her traits and I hope that brings you some comfort...

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Dear Andrea,

I can understand why everyone here is crying. Oh Sweet Andrea, that was so touching and warmhearted and beautiful. I'm so sure your mom is so proud of you and rightfully so. She raised you well my dear!

Hold on to all the wonderful memories of mom. She will always be with you not matter what.

Love & Hugs,


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