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Hi everybody,

Turns out I didn't get my chemo port today.I had never been to this surgeon before and he wanted to examine me and my records.I liked him a whole bunch.He is going to schedule the procedure as soon as he can.He likes to do it in an operating room because of the increased sterility.I still have a bone scan scheduled for tomorrow and will get the results on Friday.Hopefully it will show what is causing my leg pain.Praying for us all.TBone

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My hope is that the bone scan does NOT show any evidence of mets, but I DO hope you achieve some relief soon.

So glad you like the surgeon; little considerations like doing a procedure in the most sterile conditions can be very meaningful when dealing with this dratted disease...you need everyone in your corner that you can get, and he sounds like he is a GOOD one to have! Thanks for the update and good vibes and prayers being sent your way.

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Hey, TBone, Good to hear from you.

Glad you like your surgeon. It helps!!

Good luck on your scan tomorrow -- I hope the pain is something not serious that can be addressed in a simple straightforward way.

I'm really glad you all had such a great vacation.

Enjoy that fish some for me.

Praying for us all,



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Hi T- Bone,So glad you think highly of your surgeon.That is very important.I too think very highly of my surgeon as well which is lucky cause I was diagnosed at a time when we had no insurance at all.I had to go thru the VA and there was no choice of drs.You got who you got and I was really lucky.Good luck tomorrow.


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Glad you like your surgeon,

and hope you get good results.

For the leg pain, watch for sciatica, my husband had

such a pain and was sure it was mets, but no, just old

sciatica, just had to change pocket for his wallet and the

pain was gone inside a few days.



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I am so glad you like this surgeon and the idea of a sterile environment is one I like. Like the others I hope the leg pain is not related to any of this horrible disease and something you can cure with the right pill or changing your wallet. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


aka Nushka

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Hi T-Bone,

Well, if you are like me, you probably were a little disappointed in not getting your port. You probably had yourself psyched-up for it and now you have to dread it all over again. That has happened to me on more than one occassion, usually due to miscommunication. In the end, it all works out for the best.

Good luck with the port placement and I pray that they have good news on the bone scan. Will be watching Friday for the update!


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