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Ya Gotta See this...To the Instigator (David C. In Drag)


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This is Karen. I just want everyone that requested it to know that yes, Dave wore pantyhose, and heels.

and yes, the 5:00 shadow was a nice touch, along with the general grubbiness he was wearing that day. I won't go into detail.

Let's just say that all of you who are expressing feelings of fear or nausea have a right to . . . . . !

But the scariest thing of all was, after we went back into the house and he got out of drag and downloaded the photos on the computer, Faith would point at the photos on the screen and say Daddy! Daddy! Now I'm afraid everytime she sees an extremely large woman with lots of blond hair she's going to point and call the woman Daddy.

(which makes me think, doesn't Dave look like the "original" Linda Tripp? In case anyone doesn't know this, Linda Tripp battled breast cancer after the Monica thing, lost her hair, and grew it back into its' natural brown curliness, she kept her weight off and remarried. She looks like a completely different person. I saw an article about her in People Magazine in some doctor's office).

Alright, I gotta get to work

Karen C.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, he did seem to be enjoying himself a little too much. At the same time, he's stomping around the yard in his heels, dress and hose, yelling at me to hurry up after him with the camera before we lost the light (it was right at dusk), like some big lurch or something, then he'd get in Super Campy mode to pose, and it just made me laugh so hard.

The good news is, he hasn't touched the bra or hose since the photo shoot, so my fears of him liking it a bit too much aren't being realized.

Faith was mostly confused, but I think she's over it by now.

I wish everyone of you could have been there to see it, because words just can't describe the experience!

Karen C.

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Instigator, where are you!? Are you going to identify yourself now? :wink: Whether or not you do, thank you for "instigating" such a weird way of raising funds for this organization.

And thanks to everyone who has given in response to this!

Karen, I'm glad Faith is not traumatized. :lol:


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