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Any hall passes left?


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Things are piling up on me. My dad's not doing very well, my sister has driven up from Atlanta and brother is trying to break away from California, other sister moved back to Indy about a week ago. Things are grim, but he's comfortable and was even smiling and in good spirits today. Spent the day applying for Medicaid and trying to keep things moving along the "hopeful and positive" direction, as well as encourage other family members. Anyway, I'm overwhelmed with everything including trying to work, and am in fact trying to work remotely from home as much as possible to try to keep things balanced and out-of-control. I'll be checking in, but probably not much posting. So, Ry, if you have an extra hall pass - don't send it - bring it on down to Indy and stop at the track and watch the race cars fly like the wind. You can charge Becky my 10 bucks! LOLOL!



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How do the hall passes work? Do we vote? Is it a majority or plurarity with Ry having final say? What is a plurarity anyway?

Hey if we charged 25 cents for a hallpass and $10 for a violation for not requesting one and making people worry and each person kept track and turned in every 3 months, we'd have instant fundraising! I just came up with that now.

My vote is to allow you a hall pass on two conditions 1) if you promise to promptly post upon return from the chaos or e-mail someone to post for you and 2) if you send in your proxy for my hall pass next week. Did anyone know I was taking a trip with my inlaws to the grand canyon next week? Just curious b/c apparently I did know, I have Thurs and Fri marked on my work calender, but yet it came as a complete shock to me when I found out last night :shock: I am getting on a plane Wed night :shock:

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Okay, Ry....I'll pay Peggy's $10 fee - but can we still do the road trip??? Indy's not TOO far...but I'll drive since I have to drive to you, anyway.

Andrea, sounds like Brian is in contact with your office staff and has planned to whisk you off with his parents for some brain washing or something! Grand Canyon - how awesome! Just can't explain it in words...standing at the rail, it's too massive to believe... I felt like it must be a huge mural and I could reach out and touch the wall and find 'the end' of it... Just HUGE! (Wonder what the first settlers thought as they were ZOOMING over the prairie at what, 8 mph and came to that big ol' "pothole"!)

Riding down on a mule, or taking the train?? (I'd vote TRAIN! - Then you can't be accused of being on someone's *ss! LOL)

Have fun on your SURPRISE trip! I'll vouch for your hall pass if you need one - I think my fellow Michiganders are scared of me...and DavidA should be...Sam's Club had TP on special and I folded down ALL the seats in the Cookieman's minivan...muahahahahaha

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Peggy of course you can have a hall pass. Don't think I can work out the delivery though. I hope things go well with you and your family.

Andrea and Becky, there is no voting in this dictatorship. Ten dollar fine for trying democracy! :roll:

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Ok Becky and Ry, here you all go again, thinking about taking a trip without me, your cyber mom. I have been to the Indy 500 and it is awesome...so, should I start packing now.....Peggy, listen for the doorbell to ring....

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Dear Peggy,

Take a break, it sure sounds like you need it, and I sure can relate!! We will miss you dearly but your health is important. At least thats what everyone is telling me as I cruise 90 to nothing!! God Bless your family and drop us a line!!

Hugs and God bless to you all.


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