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Sorry No Kilt!

Don Wood

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Well, guys and gals, we are baaaaaaaaaaack! Did we have a good time? Darn tootin'! Was it absolutely beautiful, scene-wise and weather-wise? Bet your bippy! Were the tour group and the local people friendly? Yep! It was a dream come true -- for Lucie, and for me.

Sorry that I couldn't get the kilt picture arranged. Actually, very look socks are worn with the kilt, so all you see are the knees. I think it is a blessing in disguise that I couldn't get it arranged.

Anyways, the weather was absolutely gorgeous -- 50-70 degrees, sunny most days. It only drizzled one day and then not a lot.

The scenery was breathtaking -- the hills, the lochs, the countryside, the historic places. We told the tour guide up front that Lucie did not have the stamina to walk long distances, so frequently they had a wheel chair for her. She missed out on very little.

We went from Glasgow up to Inverness and back down to Edinburgh. Although the Scots speak English and I love their accent, some individuals were very hard to understand, particularly in the airports!

Did I try the Scotch? Yes, and I liked it! Did I try the Haggis? Yes, and I don't care for it. I think they like to see the facial reactions from the Americans on the Haggis, which I understand is pig intrals.

It was great to have our daughter, Frances, along. She was good company, yet felt free to do her own thing on off times. She had a good time, too.

On the suggestion of a good spiritual friend of mine, I took seven small smooth stones with me, one for each day in Scotland. Each day, at a particularl place, I would say a prayer for a family member and then leave the stone there in their honor. It worked out well, since I have seven close family members.

We learned how to get around the airports and customs. If you order a wheel chair, the attendant takes you directly through and bypasses a lot of the lines and stations. So we whizzed through customs both ways. It would have been too much walking for Lucie, so we were wise to do the wheel chair bit.

Lucie overdid, naturally, but she did most of what she wanted to do, and then crashed at night. She also slept on the bus! I did a little bus napping myself.

Going over, our flight from Houston to Chicago was delayed, so we were going to miss our flight to Glasgow. They rerouted us to Dallas, then to London Gatwick, and then on to Glasgow. Coming back, it was uneventful, just like we like it.

Lucie's favorite part was the countryside, as was mine. We did take some limited pictures, and I will have them developed soon and try to post some here.

I have finally gotten the clothes wash done, the grocery shopping, the E-Mail, and now the boards here. We had a great time, but it is good to be back home and to have the wonderful memories. I highly recommend it. Good to be back with you guys and gals. Don

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Sounds really great Don!! Scotland is beautiful and I did find them hard to understand. Its almost like the someone with the British accent, but too lazy to say each word fully.

Don, If you would like to send me some pics, I can get them posted..



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Oh, boy...it doesn't sound like this trip could have been much better than it was!! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time....and I love the idea of the 7 smooth stones. What a lovely and spiritual way to make the trip even more special!!

I think it always feels great to get home...maybe that's the best part of a good trip, eh? That it makes us really appreciate home when we return...even IF it's with a big pile of laundry!! :D

Welcome back Don and Lucie. I don't know you well yet....but I too am sorta disappointed that we won't get to see you in a kilt, Don! :roll:

My daddy, BTW, was born in Glasgow! I spent a little time in Scotland myself in l969. Long time ago when I was young and energetic!! :wink: My hubby and I would love to go over someday to play the old course at St. Andrews....as we are both golf bums! If we ever make it....I sure hope we get the kind of weather YOU got!!

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Welcome back, Don and Lucie!

Glad to hear that the one possible "event" of your trip was averted and you DIDN'T have the excitement that seems to follow OKDebi!

Sounds like a dream - glad you were able to experience it in the flesh!

Good to see you back, you were missed!


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What a great trip - and some great tips for those of us who dream about similar excursions. I don't know that I could persuade Len to get into a wheelchair even if he were ready to collapse but the advantages you point out just might win him over.

I thought haggis involved sheep stomach (plus porridge and whiskey) but I have been known to be wrong (as my former students loved to point out....as well as my kids and, of course, my husband).

We're just beginning the lc bit but when Len went into the hospital for surgery, we talked about going to Cornwall when he got better. Who knows -- you lot did it. The Cornish also talk funny (but the Scots whiskey is better than the Cornish cider, I know). Len's an artist and we have dreams about a little cottage near the coast where he can paint for a few weeks. You give me hope!


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Don and Lucie, I am so happy that you had a wonderful trip and that Lucie got to do most of what she wanted to do. Welcome home. We missed you. Can't wait to see the pictures and I love the stone prayer idea. Get some rest.


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