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Can't let anyone cry alone...


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I had a follow-up with my radiation oncologist today. Last spring, I spent a lot of time in his office, my appointment at the same time every day following the same patient every day... What is odd is that ALL of my follow-ups have been on the same days as hers - I've seen her every time!

So this time, instead of seeing her in the hall when one of us was rushing in to our appointment, she was at the desk when I was about to go back to see the doctor (over an hour past my appointment time). She recognized me before I recognized her - she now has hair! :wink: She said I looked great, I told her her hair was nice (short curly style-I'm partial to curls) and then I hugged her...and she didn't let go...and she started to cry - so I squeezed her harder and cried with her because I just can't let anyone cry alone. Boy, we shared some pretty dark days last year...newly diagnosed, new treatments (she is fighting breast cancer and had over 20 positive lymph nodes and had been questioning her doctor about a lump for two years with no follow-up...not a good/happy story on that part)...high anxiety, monsterous doubts...

Let me tell you, sure was good to see her on THIS side of treatment! I think "prognosis-wise" we are in the same boat, guess it's good to see one of the paddlers in person....

Take care, all, the war is larger than we think...and we're winning battles every day - one person at a time.


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I'm also a great believer in no one crying alone.

When things were not going so well that first year after diagnosis, it was always people being nice that set me off. They'd ask how I was and I'd disolve into tears.

I'm glad you got to see your buddy doing well...

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Becky: I always say, "If it moves, I'll hug it!" Keep on hugging, sister - you are a good woman!!!


When things were not going so well that first year after diagnosis, it was always people being nice that set me off. They'd ask how I was and I'd dissolve into tears.

Me, too. Those hugs are a flat guarantee to open the flood gates. Everyone at work knew my husband was getting follow-up scans last week. After the bad news, I just sent one big email to everyone at our law firm (small - only 30 people) and just told them I was going to get this over with all at once because I couldn't talk about it. Gave them a brief summary of the bad news, and at the end, I said: Emails only please - no hugs - I can't handle hugs right now.

Good job, Becky. That woman will never, never forget your kindness.



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I agree Becky. No one should cry alone and everyone needs hugs. There were three ladies that had their appointments all within 45 minutes. We almost always overlapped. We still keep in touch and so far all of us are doing well. They both had breast cancer and were having radiation treatments before and after me. It warms my heart everytime I hear from either of them and it is nice to know that I am in their thoughts just like they are in mine.

We should always remember that they are feeling alot of the same things we are feeling and just to acknowlegde that is a jesture that is often appreciated.

I love hugs.


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Wonderful Story Becky!

I did a Guest Speaking apperance for a Cancer Event at the Hospital I hold my Lung Cancer Support Group at a month ago, and during that time, looked over at a table FULL of my Lung Cancer Support Group Members and I got allllll choked up. Why you ask? Because these AWESOME, WONDERFUL people and friends have BEAT THE ODDS (one person at a time) and have Supported one another along with me during some very dark and dungy days. And after the Event, they all THANK ME for doing such a wonderful job. Well, I don't know if telling my story is a wonderful job, but I do know that having all these AWESOME people in my life today, has made my journey and my life so much nicer just knowing they are here with me and for me. God Bless us all!

It is SOOOO Nice to know we have each other! And Hugs are AWESOME! Gotta love those hugs! They bring the worst and the best out of EVERYONE! (((((((((((((((((((((((BECKY)))))))))))))))))))))

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snow flake, i am so touched after seeing your post, YEs, you both are on the same boat and experience the most horrible time in past. You know, for Chinese culture, hug is uncommon and rare due to shyness. I can feel what you both felt at that moment. I am so touched indeed....deeply touched. This was the most beautiful moment in the earth ---- LOVE!

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