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Results of mid session chemo Cat Scan Good News


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Hi all,

Yesterday June 9, I received the results of my mid session chemo Cat Scan and the news was good.


To quote the report.." Significant interval improvement in lung masses and mediastinal and hilar adenopathy. Stable subcentimeter low attenuation focus in the liver, too small to characterize. Two left adrenal nodules measure water attenuation on pre-contrast images consistent with adenomas. The more cephalad of these appears minimally smaller which may reflect slice selection"

The two largest masses in the left lung have shrunk considerably along with considerable shrinkage of the three largest masses in the mediastium.

Unsure about the breast tumor as it realy did not show up on the CAT Scan. Plan to check on that after completion of chemo therapy. Probably in August.

Started on injections of Darbepoetin Alfa once a week to help bring up the blood counts. Hopefully they will help with the fatigue.

As of yesterday I completed 4 of my 6 rounds of Taxol and Carboplatin, my side effects have been few, nothing that I can't handle at this time. Plus based on this last report I'll take these side effects, especially if the shrinkage continues.

Of course, even with this good news, my mind is thinking ahead and is wondering what the next steps will be after the completion of the six rounds of chemo.

How I would love to hear that there is a way to totally destroy all the cancer cells in all of our bodies and let all of us go back to that day before we all received the diagnosis of "I'm sorry but you have cancer."

Some day, soon I hope we and those that come after us will hear these words, " We found cancer, but it is treatable and we now have the tools, medication and knowledge to totally remove it from your body. In fact it is as treatable as the common cold! What a great day that would be for all of us! :D

To all who read this, I wish you the best in your fight against your disease, may you experience more good days then bad, may the support of family and friends keep you going, and when all is said and done may you be able to say I lived a good, happy and fullfilling life with no regrets.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Thanks for all the posts they have really have helped me in my journey down this road.


age 55, Married to Norm (Best friend, lover and great supporter)

mom to a Norwegian Elkhound by the name of Bantar (my relaxation therapy... just sitting and petting him)

Dx:3/04 Invasive Breast Cancer

4/04 Second Cancer stage 4 NSCLC

No signs or symptoms of either, picked up on routine mammogram and chest Xray.

4/04 Taxol and Carboplatin every 3 weeks for 6 sessions

6/04 Cat Scan shows shrinkage or no growth of tumors

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That's wonderful news. I started with Carbo/Taxol and did have shrinkage, but neuropathy progressed so quickly and was so debilitating that I had to be taken off Taxol. I'm so glad that you are tolerating it this well. As to what follows, remember miracles do happen...we'll all pray for one. You have to take it one treatment at a time and so far things are looking great...you may get a long deserved break.


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