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Hot For You (May offend older women) R- Rated

Mr Ry

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An old couple were sitting at the breakfast table. The husband says I remember the days when we used to eat breakfast together naked. His wife why don't we try it again.

They are both sitting there naked looking at each other, when his wife says, "My breasts are still hot for you."

Her husband says, "They are hot because one is in your oatmeal and the other is in your coffee."

That is two for the men.

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As Paul Harvey would say........here is the rest of the story. You see, surely this poor woman had many children. (her husband's fault of course) The poor woman had to nurse all of these children. (bless her heart, you KNOW what nursing a baby can do :roll: ) Now, this poor, poor woman is having to be the brunt of cruel jokes about her sagging b@@bs. ........and it's all her husband's fault anyway. See guys...........you just can't win!! No sense in even trying. :P:P:P:P:P (Although the visual on this one was hilarious!!) :lol: Good try though! Subtract two points for making fun of this poor lady.

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..and to add to Angie, he probably pursued this woman because of a larger bust, bypassing many with small or compact bosoms because of his chicken order "breast and legs"...and now, he's complaining about what happens to "breasted Americans"! Some nerve! LOL

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