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Found a new job


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hello ~ I have found a new job which I will commence tomorrow. This is a Multinational Company and the prospect is good. I know my dad will be very proud of me and he is always looking forward to my success....Dad I will work hard for you. You have my words.

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Today is a pity exhausted day to adapt a new environment, especially the girl handover all things to me in only ONE day....how could that be possible??? :shock:

I am a secretary to 2 expatriates here, one is American and one is Scottish. This is the first time I work for expatriates, I hope I can fit them and know more about their working style etc......do you mind giving me hints on your culture and working style?? I learnt many Western (most likely American) management thoughts in University and basically I understand what style, but for Scottish~ :? , I have no idea........

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

decided to pm info in case anyone took umbrage on my feeling that some nationalities do share common cultural characteristics.

P.S. Maybe it's just me, but I thought my comment "Please don't any Scottish people wale on me" was funny. Maybe I shoulda said I hope no one from Scottland Wales on me.


Um, okay, it *is* just me. :roll:


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Congratulations on that new job. Multi-national corporation? I work for one of those...

Work styles vary with each individual. I have two very different supervisors at present and they each run their office in their own way. One boss is very meticulous in his record keeping and stays "background" - always there, but letting his people figure out their own way. I guess that would be kind of like a parent... The other boss is right on every situation with his version of how it should be handled, etc. Should I mention that the supervisor listed first is more respected by the people that work for him?

I guess there are some commonalities with where a person is from, but they are all still individuals, as well...

Hope you enjoy the new position when the learning curve becomes less steep!

Take care,


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