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A new picture of Alan


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Hi All,

As you can see I have changed the picture in my posts. I was finding it hard to post and then see the picture of Alan coming up that he looked so sickly in. This picture was taken a month before he passed and my family was all in Maine visiting him from NC and he looked so happy. It is a lot easier for me to see this picture with that smile than the other.

God Bless You All,


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I like this picture better than the other. You are right, he looked too sickley in the other but this one he looks happy and lively.


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What a wonderful picture Jane! I also want to thank you for sharing your wonderful brother Alan with all of us here. I felt like I knew him through your posts. He's watching over you my dear, and I am sure he is busy saying hi to many of our friends and family up above.

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Jane, I always followed your stories of Alan with alot of interest, and I can see in this picture how much better he looks, although he is closer to the end of his battle. I remember your talking about how he seemed to have made peace with himself, etc., and you can see it in his face, his smile, his eyes.

I love it, thanks for sharing.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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