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Dad had a great weekend!


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Im going to follow in Peggys footsteps and try posting some GOOD news for a change here... hopefully it will cheer things up a little!

My dad has felt absolutly GREAT all weekend! First time hes had more than one good day at a time. He even came down to my childrens school carnival to get out of the house for awhile!

He says that he has had no pain WHATSOEVER all weekend and that alone has boosted up his spirits. He also said that he has felt so good that he didnt even think about cancer all weekend which is a first probably since February.

Most of his happiness is centered around the fact that his little mini-goal after the surgery was to be able to make it to his annual camping trip down to Burbonais Illinois to watch the Chicago Bears train for the upcoming season. He has about 2 weeks left to continue to feel better and better, and he is counting the days. For the first time since surgery... this is looking like a real option!

Thanks for listening, I hope this news can cheer someone up today!


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