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Just wanted to let everyone know that I called my Onc today and he refered me to ER cause they had equipment to run scans etc.

Turns out my shortness of breath is being caused by Bronchitis. He gave me inhaler and anti - biotic to take. Said it should clear in a few days. Said my remaining lung looked good. Did not know that this could cause tightness in throat and neck. Guess I learned something.

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that's great news, Bruce.

I just saw this. I took Dave to the ER on Monday, Jan. 19 (Martin Luther King Jr. day) because of tightness in his chest and wheezing. They ran a bunch of tests like x-ray and CT scan and he had bronchitis, too! They were so nice there, told us that whenever we were uncertain like that to bring him there, anyone with cancer is certainly justified in going to the ER at any time.

I'm glad your doctor sent you there, he's a smart dude.

Karen C.

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