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the worst I have felt.


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I just had a thought . . . Did they stop your Decadron all at once or did they taper it down? If they stopped it abruptly, that could be enough to really make you feel very, very crappy. I'm just wondering if that could be the cause of you not feeling well and maybe not the Ritalin.

Just a thought-


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Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. I called my doc and we agreed to go back on 2mg of decadron and with in 1 day I feel so much better I would say almost back to a 8. I dont think 2 mg is a lot of decadron, do you guys? bottom line is im feeling good again. Thanks for all the support.


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Ray - I'm glad you're feeling better but am curious if you tapered off the decadron appropriately, sure hope you didn't go cold turkey. also, why are you taking it? do you still have a brain met? for some reason I thought they were all gone.

At least you tolerate decadron OK. It makes Dave a raving lunatic. he swears he'll never take it again.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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So glad you've arrived at a more comfortable medication level.

These dratted meds can almost be worse than the disease sometimes.

Again, Very happy you're not feeling punk anymore.

Chin up, hang in there.... this phase too will pass....


Prayers always,


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My Dear Brother Ray,

On 7/29/04 you went from being an 8 to being a 0

On 8/1/04 you went from being a 0 to being almost an 8

So, on 8/9/04 I predict that you will be a 10+ so you can help me blow out the candles on my 52nd birthday cake. OKAY??? OKAY!!!

Happy to hear your feeling better my dear! Sending you warm and gentle hugs, and continue to say my prayers.

Love & Hugs,

your Sis Connie

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