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And..........their off!!!!!

Remembering Dave

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We are getting ready to leave fo the Airport!!!!!!! Karens folks are going to come and get us at 3:00 and take us to the Airport. Our plane leaves at 6:00 but we will eat dinner at the airport since they are not serving dinner on the plane. We fly to Menneapolis and then on to Missoula Montana and arrive there at 11:00 at night. We will stay there tonight and tomorrow night and then drive up to Glacier National Park. We will spend a few nights on the west side of the park and then a few nights on the east side of the park and then fly back home on the 14th. We have been looking forward to this trip so much. Just wish Faith was a little older so she would remember more. We will take lots and lots of photo's and will forward them when we get back. There is no TV's or phones at the places we are staying in Glacier. Well better get off here and finish packing g. Have a great week!!! You will all be in my prayers.

David, Karen and Faith C

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I hope you all have wonderful relaxing trip - it is more than deserved.

My parents spent a few days at glacier earlier this summer and the pictures of the scenery were amazing! I hope it will be as calming for you all as it was for my Mom.

Prayers for a safe trip for you all!

Much Love,


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Guess you won't be reading this until you return but I sure do hope you have a wonderful time. Hope you took your cell phone or some way to get in touch if you need something. You deserve a great rest and lots of enjoyment. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.


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