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Ry, Hall Pass Please


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Can I persuade you into giving me a hall pass. Bob and I are leaving Saturday 8-28 for Miami Florida. We will be driving and will return to California in about 2-1/2 weeks. It is business and all expenses paid. Bob works in the medical field (Nuclear Medicine.) We will be pulling a 30' trailer with a nuclear camera inside to a hospital in Miami, FL.. We have to be there by Sept. 3rd. On the way back, we are taking our time and will enjoy the sites. We want to see The River Walk in San Antonio on the way back and eat Shrimp in Louisianna. So please can I go, I am so ready for a vacation. I will have a laptop with me, so hopefully I will be able to log onto the site once in a while. All of you are in my prayers and will be thinking about all of you... :D

God Bless,


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Wow...what a great trip! And you'll LOVE the Riverwalk....it's a fabulous and unique part of the city! The shrimp in LA doesn't sound too bad either~!

Have a great time. If Ry hadn't given you a hall pass, I would have put on my Ry disguise and given it to you myself, for a road trip like this!

Enjoy. We'll expect a full report when you return! :)

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I lived in San Antonio and Louisiana . Attended school in both states. I know...a career student! I did finally graduate though. Ha!~ Years later. Ha! San Antonio and Louisiana are kicking states. Hey...wait a minute, who said anything about shrimp???? I better talk to Ry. This may have been an oversight. I think your pushing it. Oh well, if Ry said o.k., I guess it is all right. Have a wondumous time in the Bayou State. Watch out for Gator people karen.


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Humm, computer, wonderful trip, beautiful places to visit. Sounds like we should all sign up for a group cyber vacation with you. (Nothing like 1300 people in the back seat, eh :shock: ) Too bad Ry already granted the Hall pass - it could have come with a few conditions :wink: Have a great time!

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