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Calling God...

Guest Katie

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Guest Katie

Katieb (taking my cue from "shelliemacs")

Dear God,

It's been 6 months since I've seen my dad this sick. Yesterday and last night he vomitted uncontrollably and even today he is so sick he can't seem to keep anything down and the meds aren't helping at all. There's no explaination for it other than the fact he has cancer.. We had a huge dinner out planned and it was supposed to be a great night out for us until all this happened. Now, I will go and sit with him today, and pray, then I know I will come home and cry.

He's been doing so well. He's had success with the Topotecan since March, he hasn't been sick or had any pain. He breathes fine, no need for oxygen now. He hasn't had any transfusions or hospital stays since December '02. Just tired all the time, no energy ever, but that was ok as long as he was beating the cancer.

I promise I won't take him feeling ok for granted for one second. Please hear this prayer and help him. Help us all.


P.S> Asking for prayers. My dad really needs them.

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Your solemn prayer and plea brought tears to my eyes. Oh, the pain this disease schleps in its wake...not just of the body, but of the heart.

"Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved" (Victor Hugo).

I'm sure your dad is convinced of your love.

Praying for your dad and extended family.

Much love...wish we lived closer.

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Praying for you all Katie. Hope he gets better very soon. And there has been a stomach flu in this part of the world. So maybe, that's all it is. Fingers crossed.

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what has the doctor said? I agree that maybe its the flu. has he eaten out lately, could it be food poisoining? Do what you tell me. Dont read into everything.. It could be something simple. Remember my mom with the Bronchitis...

I will start a new St. Jude Novena for dad today.

let me know if there is anything I can do.

your my girl....

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Katie, I say a prayer for you and your dad. I hope he gets better soon. I am not sure about your dad, but my wife is tired all the time, and what perks her up is when she does something she likes and has a feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small the event. For Lucie, that is sewing and such. Does your dad has a hobby he likes? If you can focus on something he CAN do, no matter how small, it might help his energy. And, of course, moving around when he can helps the energy build up although it is tiring at the time. Encourage him to be mobile when he can. I get Lucie out of the house occasionally just to keep her stimulated. Best wishes. Don

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Amen to that Katie,

I think my husband has a bit of your dad in him. He wants to act like nothing is wrong. Nothing is bothering him. He can still do everything just like before. We almost never talk about LC, unless its just about treatment times and doctors appointments.

I can see he's hurting. Sometimes he opens up, but most of the time I have to ask him to tell me what he's feeling, and I get the reply "nothing".

I HATE THAT!!! Not only do I have to worry about the LC, but you are going to make me have to worry about you trying to take care of things using mental telepathy. A few weeks ago, I asked Keith how he was doing. I got the normal reply. When I went to kiss his face, I felt he was really hot and running a fever. Only when I confronted him about it did he admit he was feeling like crap. Help me Help You!!!!

Katie, I am praying hard that everything comes out ok with your dad's appointment today. Please let us know how he's doing, and I am sure sending out a heartfelt plea for the both of you.


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