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  1. Hi, Wayne, Just wanted to check in. How is your treatment going? Please post an update when you can. With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  2. Hi, Dave, I'm happy to hear that you've finished your chemo. How is your radiation going? Susan makes a great point about your support system. It sounds like you are surrounded by great people who care about you. Know that we're here for you too. Please post an update when you can! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  3. Hi, Julie, Just wanted to check in re: your test results. We're hoping for good news! Please share an update when you can and let us know if you'd like some additional support. We are here for you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  4. That's great news LexieCat! We'll be thinking of you today. I hope you have more answers soon. Keep us posted. We are here for you! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  5. It came as quite a surprise when I was first diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer in 2007. It was an even bigger shock to learn that my lung cancer was caused by exposure to high levels of radon gas in my own home. I want to keep sharing my story with the hope that it might prevent others from getting lung cancer from radon gas. My husband and I did extensive renovations on our house to turn it into our dream home. About five years later, I developed a nagging cough. I went to the doctor, who sent me for a CT scan. The scan showed a mass in my right lung, so we scheduled an appointment with a pulmonologist to have a biopsy. The doctor who performed the biopsy called to tell me that I had lung cancer and that it was inoperable. He told me that I had four months to live. My husband had just returned from a trip to Africa and my mother was staying with us while she recovered from surgery. I turned on the T.V. and Jordin Sparks was singing, “This is My Now” and it just hit me that “you can sit here and feel sorry for yourself or you can fight it.” It’s crazy how the universe works. Shortly after I was diagnosed, we had our home tested for radon gas, the second leading cause of lung cancer. The test showed levels that were 6-times the EPA recommended action level. I had my right lung removed and underwent 5 weeks of radiation and 4 months of chemotherapy. I started to gain my strength back and started looking for a lung cancer community. In the beginning, there was very little information about lung cancer. I couldn’t find anyone to talk to. Then my daughter found out about LUNGevity and a walk they were holding in Manhatten Beach, California, called Breathe Deep Los Angeles. She said we should go there on a girls’ trip. Who wouldn't want to go to the beach after dealing with lung cancer treatment? My first Breathe Deep experience was so inspirational. There were over 350 people walking whose lives had somehow been touched by lung cancer. I’d never been to anything like that and there was nothing like that where I lived near Salt Lake City. When we got home, my other daughter said, “Why don’t we start one here?” So we held our first Breathe Deep Salt Lake City in 2012. I remained cancer free for 6 years, then in 2014 they found a fist-sized tumor in the front of my brain and a smaller tumor in the back which was metastasized lung cancer. They were able to remove those tumors and I went back into remission until that December, when they found 6 more brain tumors. I underwent surgeries to remove those, and then in January 2015, I started on a new chemo pill that I take orally. This treatment has worked very well for me and now there are four more on the market that would work just as well or better if this one stopped working. This is why I am so passionate to raise funds for lung cancer research. I am living proof that it works. The new treatments are so effective and amazing, but researchers need funding to find a cure. Lung Cancer research receives the least amount of federal funding of all types of cancer, yet it is the deadliest. I feel it is so important to raise funds to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients. I think the most rewarding thing about being a Breathe Deep event coordinator is to see people coming back year after year because they know it’s a good cause. It makes you realize how many people care about health and our lungs. The more people you talk to, the more you find that they have a connection to lung cancer, whether it’s a family member or friend. In addition to raising funds and awareness, we try to provide information at our event. We have speakers who talk about new discoveries in lung cancer treatment and radon. In fact, just because we’ve been raising awareness, a lot of the real estate agents are on board with getting homes they sell tested for radon gas. A local organization that does radon testing is even donating $20 of every radon test they do to LUNGevity. They’re promoting the walk to all of the real estate agencies that they work with. It’s amazing how generous people are. At first, I thought I can’t go around asking for free stuff. But I’ve found that people are willing to help! I really feel like the grassroots is the way to reach people. I’ve had more success talking to people one-on-one. We’ve done some women’s groups and I’ve spoken at classes on Radon. I also worked with a social worker to put together a lung cancer support group. The online groups are great, but sometimes, you just really need to talk so somebody in person. In addition to LUNGevity, I’ve also been doing a lot with the Utah Radon coalition. And I’m going to be speaking at the international radon convention in New Orleans in October. I want to show that there’s a face to lung cancer caused by radon gas. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Preventing lung cancer is so much easier and less costly than treating lung cancer.
  6. Hi, Marcie, That's great news! Please post an update when you can and let us know how you and your dad are doing. And feel free to ask questions! I'd be happy to help you find more resources and/or support! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  7. Hi, Jeffrey, We're thinking of you! I hope that you can get home soon! Please post an update when you can. Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  8. Hi, Kaly, How are you and your brother doing? Please post an update when you can. And let us know if you have more questions! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  9. Hi, JustMe, How is your husband doing? Post an update when you can! And feel free to keep asking questions! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  10. Hi, Raymond, How are you doing? I hope your symptoms are getting better. Post an update when you can! Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  11. Hi, Nicole, How did the appointment with the pulmonologist go? Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  12. Here is the weekly clip report: Healio “Brigatinib Confers Positive Outcomes in ALK-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”{d8bfdb5c-8523-4a48-b4c7-555cb37b3c54}/brigatinib-confers-positive-outcomes-in-alk-positive-nonsmall-cell-lung-cancer CNBC “Roche Unveils Advancements in Breast and Lung Cancer Drugs” Medical Xpress “Greater Access to Genetic Testing Needed for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment” Healio “Ceritinib Demonstrates Activity in ROS1-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer{217b896c-1abb-4689-a58c-31ae7c608d5c}/ceritinib-demonstrates-activity-in-ros1-positive-nonsmall-cell-lung-cancer Cancer Network “Is one immunotherapy for lung cancer better than the rest?” Farragut Press “Lemons for LUNGevity” Cure “Examining the Role of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Lung Cancer” Cancer Therapy Advisor “Proton-Beam Therapy May Be Effective for Limited-Stage Small-Cell Lung Cancer” Specialty Pharmacy Times “Measuring T Cell Levels May Help Identify Patient Response to Immunotherapy” Specialty Pharmacy Times “Nanotechnology Could Change the Future of Disease Treatment” KUSA-TV “Idris Elba Opens Up About Father's Death and Going Through a Midlife Crisis: 'I Wasn't Even Living’”
  13. Hi, Charlotte, Welcome to LCSC. This is a great community to connect with other lung cancer patients and survivors as well as caregivers and advocates. Everyone on this site has been affected by lung cancer in some way, and this is a good place to ask questions and share stories. I'm glad you've already connected with Michelle and Susan. If you can share a bit more information about your diagnosis and treatment plan, we can connect you with resources and other members who can help. We are here for you! With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  14. Hi, Carol, Welcome to LCSC. I am glad to see that you've already connected with so many of our members. This is a great community to ask questions and share your experience with other caregivers, patients/survivors, and advocates. Please let me know if you'd like to learn more about LUNGevity's programs and resources for caregivers and I will be happy to connect with you. We are here for you! With gratidue, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation
  15. Hi, Laura, I am very sorry that you and your husband are going through this, but we are glad that you've joined this community. Please continue to post updates and feel free to ask questions. The more information you can share, the easier it will be for us to connect you to resources and people who may be able to help you navigate his diagnosis. With gratitude, Lauren -- Digital Community Manager LUNGevity Foundation