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  1. They are usually the best kind Judy. And what is really great is they would be in imperial measurements. This Metric system just came in as I finished school so I still prefer imperial.
  2. You will have to share some of those canning recipe's with me Judy. Too late for this year but I will certainly have a garden in next year along with a greenhouse. It is sunny here today but you can't see it. We have alot of forest fires in the area. Yesterday you could smell the smoke but the wind is stronger today and it is really bad. Just looking across the street you can see the blue haze in the air. Think I'll stay inside as much as possible.
  3. Hi Mary I was diagnosed with stage 1 b and had my upper left lobe removed. I had my surgery on Friday morning, was released from hospital Monday morning, and had a 1 1/2 hour flight home Monday night. On Tuesday morning I dropped into the office to see everyone. I only took painkiller's for a week or so after surgery. I had VAT's surgery and the recovery time is alot quicker than it used to be. I also had 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo afterwards.
  4. Hey Judy maybe that unknown animal was a buffalo ???? LOL
  5. No ts I think most people here get the 2 or 3 weeks as well. But usually the longer you are with an employer the more vacation time you get.
  6. 12 weeks a year is a pretty good deal Eric. I actually get about 10 weeks per year but I can carryover 1 year's worth which gave me almost 20 weeks this year. Being in management I don't get overtime or lieu time and I actually lost 1 week of lieu time when I became Manager.
  7. Well thought I should pop in now that I am back again. I have accumulated over 19 weeks of paid vacation leave this year so that is why I am not onsite as much. Just off enjoying myself. i still haven't gotten out fishing Bud but i agree it is a great way to escape. Eric I love trivia books like that and i will have to check it out. great to see you on here posting again Becky. still not sure about letting you drive the keg bus though. LOL Judy in MI, you are just shopping away, new car, carpet, e-reader.... Judy in KW or wherever, nice to hear that you are enjoying this part of your trip.
  8. Bruce u

    Deborah VF

    We had a new member that recently joined our group, Deborah VF. Deborah is currently in the hospital and her Doctor, Oncologist, and Surgeon are putting a plan together to deal with a troublesome spine met. I'm sure everyone will join me in sending prayer's that this will be taken care of and Deborah can return home. Thanks.
  9. Sorry you missed the fireworks Judy. We celebrate Canada Day on July 1st and usually most city's have fireworks. Unfortunately when you live in the land of the midnight sun, it is not much point in having fireworks !!! Little chillier than normal in the knife today but I have meetings all morning and hopefully it will warm up by this afternoon/evening.
  10. Just wanted to wish all of our southern neighbor's a Happy 4th of July !!!!!
  11. Bruce u

    Scan Time

    Congratulations Jamie !!!! Enjoy your summer and keep doing what you're doing.
  12. Great news Sue. Long journey but getting that NED result is so special.
  13. Great news Cindy. Enjoy your summer !!
  14. Bud I even get tired reading about all your activities !!! Lakes are almost open here now and then I'll be gone fishing as well. Well just another sunny day here in the knife. Tonight is the Relay For Life here and I'll be taking part as a survivor. Especially enjoyful for me because my daughter is one of the main organizer's. Will be great to see all her hard work pay off.
  15. No accent at all Eric !!! You stepped up and did something to get the word out and that is the most important thing. Great job.
  16. Well another nice day here in the knife....and a Friday as well. Couldn't get any better unless it was a payday Friday. Have a great day fishing Bud. we are just waiting for the ice to get off the lakes here to go out. Enjoy the Relay For Life walk Annette. Last year was my first and our's is next Friday. Judy in MI, hope you get all your laundry done without too many mixed colors like i have. Judy in KW, it has been 75 - 80 degree's here for the last few weeks so stan wouldn't get much of a cooling off. Now Judy I had a chuckle reading your post about climbing under the office furniture. I remember you telling me your height !!!! LOL
  17. Hey folk's. Another nice day here in the knife. The beauty of living in a semi arid climate. Judy in MI, I live in northern Canada. We are fortunate to have 24 hours daylight in the summer but not 24 hours darkness in the winter. it get's daylight at 9am and dark at 4pm in the winter. This morning at 2am it was 75 degree's and sunny. But in the winter we get the -40's and -50's quite often.
  18. Well I'm back again for another few weeks before I have to travel again. Great weather here now. Sunny every day with warm temperatures and almost 24 hours of daylight. Congratulations Eric. Sounds like you can really enjoy your summer now.
  19. Sending prayers down from way up north Randy.
  20. Hey folks Another bright sunny day in the knife. Judy in KW it sounds like you are going to have a nice trip. With all the anxiety of scan time it is good that you will be enjoying it as well. So we will be looking forward to news from both Judy's this week.
  21. Hey folks Nice clear sunny day in the knife. Heidi/Eric I can certainly relate to not taking advatage of the things in our own backyard. We get tourist from all over the world here to see the Aurora Borealis in the winter including 20,000 from Japan alone. But yet I don't even look up at the sky anymore. Ned if you keep up with all of Judy's exploits I can understand how she may have missed an event. I think she has more energy than most 20 year olds !
  22. Yep I'm just a spring chicken Judy since we are into birds. LOL Eric mozzy or mausy means a cloudy day with a light drizzle of rain. Similar to what we have here today. Sorry to hear about your pigeon's Mike. Laurie since you are done with your grass cutting for another week, any chance you can cut a few acres for me. LOL
  23. Great to hear that your dinner went so well Judy. Good food will win over a crowd any time. if you keep doing so well maybe Stan won't let you out of the kitchen. LOL Eric I don't think I was even born when most of those show's were on T.V. here in Canada. Maybe it was the Flintstones for me. LOL Cloudy day here but no rain as of yet. different weather this winter for sure. We set a record on Monday with a temperature of +22 and then yesterday it was -1 and snowing !!! Eric is saying that it's a mausy (sp) day common in your area ? I know it is an old Newfoundland saying but it may have come from England.
  24. Yes Eric i did make it back from the conference but really wanted to stay. The hotel was even better than expected. They gave us a tour of the "castle" and I found out it has 768 guest rooms as well as staff accommodations, 7 restaurants, etc. I was really surprised at all the movies filmed there. World leaders and celebrities are regular guest and the tour guide has worked there since 1962 and had some great stories. Marilyn Monroe was one of his favorite guest. When you are out of the office for a few days that work just keeps piling up Eric.
  25. Hey folks Only 8AM here but I'm already hungry after reading all the post about food. Judy I'm with randy and certainly wouldn't stand you up. When are you coming to Canada again ? LOL Eric I did a story in our local paper a couple years ago for lung cancer month. Along with talking about the risk of smoking, I also tried to include the amount of people with L/C that never smoked. I find that alot of people I talk to that doesn't smoke, has a false sense of security that they cannot get lung cancer. Just an idea for ya. Well it may be Saturday but I still have to go into work for a few hours.
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