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  1. Sorry ladies but temperatures here are hovering around 32 in the nights now. Maybe we can trade some degree's.
  2. Hi Patty Welcome to this great site. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and joined here shortly after. This site was my lifeline. Members here are very educated on this sibject and are a great bunch for support. I have read alot of Tarceva success stories. You have to be your own best advocate. You do sound like a fighter and don't settle for 99 if 100 is your goal. Take care.
  3. Hey everyone Nice shirt Katie. You are one very busy lady. Procastinating are you Randy ? LOL Baily is great company for you Susan. Animals can certainly give us plenty of enjoyment. Now where is everyone else today Ann, Eric, Bud, Judy MI, etc. ?
  4. Bruce u

    5 years NED

    Thanks everyone. I wish everyone could be posting in the good news forum. Muriel I am just giving credit where it is due. I have received alot of support from members here in the last 5 years but you really pushed me to get the chemo. Thank you.
  5. Thinking of alan and wishing him a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  6. Bruce u

    5 years NED

    Well this is the " big " day. 5 years ago I was having my upper left lobe removed. For everyone on here reading post looking for hope, Kasey posted yesterday on her 8th anniversay and now my 5th. Like Kasey , I found this site a couple months after my surgery. I knew very little about LC and lived 900 miles from the nearest Oncologist. I asked lots on questions on here and got great answers that helped me so much to make it through. So much support from everyone and some Like sandra, Patti, Judy, etc. are no longer with us. After surgery, My Oncologist told me that I did not need chemo and I asked that question on here. the majority thought that I should fight to get chemo. I have to thank Muriel. She really pushed me to fight for it and I finally got the Oncologist to agree. I had 4 rounds and i really believe that is why I am still NED. So the bottom line is this site may have saved me life ! Thank you
  7. Bruce u

    What a Milestone!!

    Congratulations Kasey. These milestones mean so much more than birthday's, holiday's, etc. did before being diagnosed.
  8. HeHeHe Thought that I would get a jump on everyone and start Thursday's Air. Thanks to Susan for starting Wednesday's Air. Another busy day planned for tomorrow, er I mean today. Lot's of work to do on the farm preparing for the cold Canadian winter. How about everyone else. What are you doing to prepare for winter ? Missing Bud's fishing tales.
  9. Sorry to read this. My deepest condolences to you and your family Sue.
  10. Hey folks Because of the time difference and busy all day, I only get a chance to post after everyone else has finished for the day. Really nice looking dogs Susan and I agree with giving a shout out to the teachers of handicap kids. They should be appreciated. Busy month for your coming up Diane. i don't have anything in October but celebrated my birthday last Friday and this Friday will be the 5th anniversary since my lobec tomy and still NED. That mean's so much more than my birthday. Katie I will pass along the info on the shutdown but I have no idea what you gave as the reason for it . Can we say computer illiterate !!!! Ha Ha
  11. Hey folks. Great to see the Air started again today. Thanks Diane. What breed is your dog Susan ? I have 3 Retrievers that keep me busy. Eric we do not have your type of indoor bowling here but it sounds like fun. Still getting ready for winter here. Stacking hay bales today. Bought a "well broke" horse last month. She was ridden over 200 hours so far this year by the previous owner. I have been busy and didn't have any time to ride her yet. The previous owner didn't have alot of hay to feed her but I put her in a big pasture and she has been eating as much as she likes. Unfortunately now she has gotten fat and lazy and would prefer not to be ridden. Definitely getting an attitude !!!
  12. Hey folks. Great to see an air being started. Good on you Eric. Congratulations on getting the job at the theater. Sounds like an ideal situation getting paid with the benefits of doing something you enjoy. Fall has already started here and I have about 80 acres of Poplar tree's behind my house that are really changing color. What type of indoor bowling do you do ? I was a certified judge and score keeper for 5 pin. My daughter was ranked # 3 in Canada. Diane I hope you have a great time with your friend at the resort. Sorry to hear that the air hasn't cleared up yet. Sue you are really getting in to the swing of things with the swimming and I'm sure the puppy will keep you busy.
  13. How is everyone today ? Alot of junk post I see. Nice sunny day here. A little cooler in the mornings and no more 24 hour daylight. dark by 10pm and daylight at 6am. My son is hoping to drive here today for a visit and some geese hunting tomorrow. Other than that just finishing hauling hay bales home today then begin fencing on Monday.
  14. Great to see you post mike. Missed you turning out the lights. Diane I never heard that saying before but it definitely sounds true. It is nice to just watch the different personalities of the animals. I think they are more intelligent than some people give them credit for.
  15. May be a little early for Thursday's air but too late for Wednesday. Besides it's Thursday somewhere. I agree with everyone's comments that Judy's passing really did affect everyone and especially the " air " in the JFF forum. She was definitely the backbone of that topic. I had alot of correspondence in the 4+ years that I knew Judy, PM's, email, etc. I know there were times when post to the air's were down but she kept posting daily and was determined to keep it going. Another busy day here and still no time to go horseback riding. Maybe next week. Did take an hour tonight to just go out in the pasture and watch the young calves. A friend of mine that passed away this spring would spend hours just sitting on a hay bale and watching the calves play. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the simple things.
  16. Hey Katie and Diane Katie I would always say that I didn't mind being kept busy with my kids in sports because at least I knew where they were and what they were doing. Diane we had alot of forest fires near me this summer so I know how you feel. Busy here this time of the year getting ready for winter. Just got the cows moved from the summer pasture to the winter pasture. Getting the last of my hay bales hauled home this week. Bought a new horse a couple weeks ago. Hoping to get some riding in soon. Where are all the regulars these days ? Eric, Bud, Ginny, Ann, Michelle, etc ?????
  17. Great News Susan. Congratulations. Keep repeating those words because they can definitely lift your spirits on a down day.
  18. Congratulations Susan. Another milestone that you have passed. Our milestones seem to change from long term to short term after getting that diagnosis, but each milestone means so much. Let us know when you pass your next milestone.
  19. Hi Patricia I had my upper left lobe removed in Sept. 2007. They were just going to do a resection but in the OR, the surgeon changed his mind and removed the entire upper lobe. I had 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo after surgery. I was staged at 1B and they did not recommend chemo. I argued that I did want it and they finally agreed. But they wrote on my chart that it wasn't recommended and studies did not support my decision. I would certainly recommend it if you have a choice. I am not sure if you will have radiation if they do a resection and remove everything. I do almost as much now as I did prior to surgery. I do not play sports now but that is more to do with COPD than the lobectomy. Take care.
  20. Hi Max I remember you as well. After reading all the previous battles you have fought, there is no point changing now. Put the gloves on and get back in the ring. I am sure you will win this fight as well. We will all be here cheering you on.
  21. Congratulations on the new job Eric. Now if you enjoy it too much you may feel guilty accepting a paycheck ! HaHa Enjoy
  22. Welcome aboard Sandy Like you, I had surgery and my upper left lobe was removed in September 2007. I followed that with Cisplatin/Vinerolbine for 4 rounds. I just got my results back on Friday and still NED. Each time you hear those 3 letter's, you are getting further away from a reoccurance so just keep adding to your last 2 results. Enjoy that new job.
  23. I agree Mike and think you should get it checked out. Certainly sounds like something minor like a toothache or sinus infection, but the peace of mind would be worth it.
  24. I think you are right on the origin of the "air" Mike. I had forgotten Will's name but did remember he worked on the rig's and the pictures that he would often post. Judy in KW took ownership of it and made it a daily ritual.
  25. Bruce u

    Bryan Hinson

    Lost my neighbor and best friend at 7am. Another great person lost to lung cancer.
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