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    Monday's Air

    Thank you Mike for Saturday's post and Ann for opening the air today. It may never be the same but posting here will keep her memory alive. Judy had mailed me some canning recipe's that were passed down through her family and now they will be passed down through mine. Been busy on the farm with calving and working on 2 big projects. Had to drive over 500 miles today for meetings on one of those projects so it's been a long day. Still have 2 cow's left to calve and the vegetable garden to plant so no rest for awhile yet. Take care.
  2. Bruce u

    Judy kw

    Another great person lost to this disease ! Judy and I joined this site about the same time and became good friends. She was a pilar of strength on this site for members and especially new members. Always was so positive and had encouraging words. She will certainly be missed by all her online friends. My condolences go out to Stan and her family.
  3. Great news Fred. Congratulations Kasey.
  4. Bruce u

    Stable is good!

    Great news Janet. Now just enjoy your summer !
  5. Judy I had a Cisplatin/Vinerolbine combination. After the second treatment the ringing began and I mentioned it to the Doctor after the third treatment. He switched the Cisplatin to Carboplatin but told me that the hearing damage would be permanent. That was 4 years ago and I still have the ringing, sometimes worse than others. You should definitely mention it to your Doctor.
  6. Hey there I haven't been posting alot but usualy drop in daily to read what is happening with everyone. Judy I understand exactly what you mean. Both of us joined here about the same time. Since then we have lost alot of "friends". Not just people who we have lost but the caregivers of those people who have moved on with their lives. Some of the names you mentioned like Sandra and Patti bring back alot of memories going back to our chat night's. Other's like Lynne, Gail, and Shelli have just moved on and good for them. Just reality I guess. Either online or in our daily lives those things are going to happen. Now who is this Tiger person ? LOL
  7. Like Judy, I don't think the skull and cross bones are the way to go but I think you are on to something. Lung cancer certainly needs to recieve more awareness and support. Good on you for showing initiative !
  8. Great news Muriel. Congratulations !!!!! Enjoy your summer.
  9. Hi Maggie Just wanted to welcome you to this great site. I live in Alberta and started my L/C journey in 2007. You will find the members here very supportive with alot of experience. Once you begin to get more information and a plan in place, things begin to level out emotionaly as you get that fighting spirit. Take care and please keep us updated.
  10. Hey folks Sorry for not being here in awhile. I have tried to find time to read almost every day but haven't been posting. Really busy time of the year with alot of traveling for work and trying to get everything on the farm ready for winter. I have a neighbor going through a difficult time with L/C so been trying to help him out as well. Thanks for thinking about me and yes Eric the tutu is put away for another year. LOL
  11. Had my upper left lobe removed in September 2007 followed by 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo. Got my x-ray results on Friday and still NED. I thought the scanxiety would lessen the farther out you go but I think waiting for the results was the worse yet. Maybe because I didn't go for the x-ray until 10 months instead of the 6 like I was supposed to.
  12. Hey folks Another hot, sunny day in the north. Lots of grasshopper's just getting big enough to eat the crops. I read an article last year that said in studies, the municipal drinking water in Toronto was better for you than bottled water. Can't recall the specific's of the report. From working with the City, I know water treatment plant's have very strict regulations to follow.
  13. Well it is an overcast, humid day but still no rain. Another thunderstorm last night that produced about 10 droplets. Still waiting for you to share Ann. LOL Judy MI, sounds like you had a great weekend with lots to eat. I'm sure all the people there enjoyed Randy's cooking. Lillyjohn, I think the only hill for miles is coming up the road to my driveway. Not much of a hill only rising maybe 20 feet over a 1/4 mile. Good luck today Annette. Great to see that you have a Plan B as well as Plan A. Bud a friend of mine caught a 35 lb Lake Trout last week just outside City limits. I think he has the video on youtube. Maybe search Prosperous Lake. Sara great to see you here. All of us can use a laugh and an outdoor comedy show sounds like just the thing. Judy KW, you tried to convince me earlier on email that there was a Sunday Air. LOL Seem's like you are the only person who read it. I'm beginning to worry that you are suffering from blurred vision having to do your own cooking ! ( Sorry sweetie. Just teasing ya but I had to get that one in there for Stan. LOL)
  14. I think the cleaner took my eyeliner as well as your cracker jack's Annette. Can't find it anywhere. LOL
  15. Busy place today. We had a little drizzle here today with chilly temperatures. Just enough to make it uncomfortable standing around at an auction I went to. Bud you have the chain of events pretty accurate. But I think it resembles three's Company with the bull reminding me of Jack. LOL Eric I would guess that Annette is right in the type of plug you have is the type on washing machines here. I also have that type for an RV plug in on my house. Sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone individually but wish everyone a good weekend.
  16. Well Judy MI I would love to know how they got those 4 bull's back home. I bought a bull this winter and have to move him from my coral to a pasture 1/2 mile down the road. He is beginning to know me now though. When I go over to the coral with a bucket of oats he will come running over to where I am. Actually it is more of a bounce than running, with his head going side to side. An older farmer dropped by last week and he wanted to see the bull. Well the bull came bouncing over and the old farmer looked at me and said he thought the bull was gay ! Now that is not very funny when I paid $4000 for him and am depending on him to breed my cow's this year.
  17. It's a deal Ann. After you send the rain, I'll send some fresh vegetables to use in those recipes that i'm sure you will get to trying. LOL
  18. Ann if you would like to share some of those afternoon shower's we could use them here. I have never seen weather like this ! We have cloudy days where the sky is just black but still no rain. we are after having 3 thunderstorms in the past week and only got a few drops of rain. Annette the only animals I ever planned on getting for the farm were a couple horse....for the exact reason you mentioned. But along with 1 of the horses came 7 Llama's because the owner was moving and planned to put them down. Then my water delivery guy showed up one night and was in a financial bind. So I ended up with some cow's. And it just continued until now I have alot of pets. I have lots of tree's, acre's of grass, canola and other grains all around me, etc. There are so many different odor's that you really do not notice one in particular and to be honest it is not as bad as I would have expected. LOL Judy MI, I do environmental consulting work. Could range from cleaning up an oil spill, setting up a recycling program, or designing a new landfill.
  19. Hey folks Well my business trip up north got cut from 4 days to a 1 day turnaround. The guy that I am doing some work for had to leave town when his wife developed some complications with her pregnancy. Rescheduled everything for next week. Well Judy KW I'm not into orchids just Alfalfa and hay for the cattle. LOL But I'm sure your orchid's are alot prettier looking. I have a big vegetable garden does that count ? LOL Alan I always enjoyed the scent's in a greenhouse but since I had my operation I find that it bother's me now. Bud I would love to retire and spend all my time here on the farm but my bank statement tell's me i still have to work. LOL Hope thing's stop spinning and you are having a better day today sara.
  20. Hey folks Overcast today and looks like we may get a shower or two. Sorry to read about your loss Judy MI. During test after my surgery I was diagnosed with COPD. They prescribed inhaler's that I took every day and still got short of breath very easily. Since I got out from behind the desk and moved to the farm, I do alot more physical work and very seldom take the inhaler's. Maybe stress was causing more problem's than the COPD. Judy KW, good to see that things are returning to normal and your social life is in full swing. LOL Annette sometimes the rule's, regulation's and paperwork can get more frustrating than the actual problem. Common sense goes right out the window. Lot's of walleye here in the north with the colder water Bud. They are treated like a delicacy and a 5-6 lb walleye makes a great meal.
  21. I have the same story as the rest. I haven't seen my surgeon since shortly after my surgery. Has seen an Oncologist since then. Every 3 month's for the first 2 year's, every 4 months for the 3rd year, and now every 6 month's for the next 2 year's.
  22. Bruce u

    Patti B

    Thanks Chris Patti was a great friend and inspiration to alot of members here. Like Muriel, I remember the great times we had on chat nights. I know that graduation was her goal and I am so happy that she did get to see Nick graduate.
  23. Morning folks Yep another sunny, hot day here. At least it sound's like a good complaint. Becky I'm glad that Judy KW posted first because I'm not sure I would want to follow your post. LOL Have you looked in the mirror to make sure you do not have a tattoo on your back like the guy in the advertisement ? LOL Judy you have a busy few day's this week. You're not losing any battles and these results will confirm that. Never been to Seattle. LOL
  24. Hey there No rain here Bud. Everything just passed right over us. The temperatures have really cooled down though. Didn't think that I would be wishing for rain in the summer. LOL Just working outside for a few hours in this heat just drains all me energy. Not sure how you manage a 200k ride with temp's in the 90's. Annette I think a beach towel is a great idea for a Friday afternoon. Judy KW sorry that you failed the walking test. Did Stan tease you about that one ? LOL Judy MI, hope that the storms miss you and pass over like they did here.
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