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An utterly amazing day...


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I was so upset last night at the e-mails I had received... (by the way - I had been getting encouragement from the "grannies"...but I'm not e-mailing them anymore. They DON'T get it. - that was my point. I really didn't mean to imply that I would quit updating you all! I was EXTREMELY tired last night! I probably didn't make my point clear - if I even had one! :lol: ).

I did forget to tell you that our GP thought Mike was getting pneumonia so he ordered a chest x-ray and a blood culture. He had come in just when the nurse took his temp and it had spiked up (momentarily actually) to 99.8. Then he took me aside and cautioned me that if Mike had an infection that wouldn't be good. (No kidding? :roll: ) Which proved to NOT be pneumonia...blood culture not back yet, but x-ray is exactly the same. And no more fever anyway and he is taking another antibiotic.

Today I went to the hospital thinking Mike might not get to Tulsa after all. He has been in bed most of the time all week, not eating and really "out of it" in a drugged haze. And when the doctor thought he was getting an infection, my anxiety level rose. So I prayed on the way to the hospital - asking God to throw some definitive "eye opening" hints as to what His will is in all of this. I was losing hope that Mike would ever leave this hospital. I just asked that God would show me the way.

When the GP came in I asked the doctor if Mike could get some nutritional vitamins through an IV (like what they did in Tulsa) because he hasn't ate much of anything for a week.

Our GP said "No - you don't want to do that - it would only feed the tumor." Well - if you aren't going to do anything to "treat" the tumor and only going to provide "pain management" what difference does it make? But rather than fight with him, I just I called Tulsa and asked our case manager if she had ever heard of that. She had not.

The thing that spurred me to action was knowing that 2/3rd's of all cancer patients actually die of malnourishment! I will not let my husband die of malnourishment...not while there is a breath in me!

Then the GP went on to tell me that Mike's liver is ALL tumor and the abdomenal area is all enlarged liver.

I called my friends who are my prayer support angels and asked for prayers. Soon I got a call from one of them saying her husband could help me line up Care Flight with the other hospital in town. I got on the phone with Tulsa and was told that our GP would have to "confer" with the hospital doctor in Tulsa to verify that Mike was stable enough to travel. Since the doctor in Tulsa had SEEN Mike come out of a drug induced fog, he said "He'll come off of it when you get him off the morphine drip. Send him on down...we will get him on his feet."

One thing lead to another and I soon discovered that insurance won't pay for the flight. However, in talking with the GP he said that Mike should be able to travel BY VAN in a couple of days. I verified this with CTCA and they agreed. Our GP said to have someone go with us. (I have a van and an air mattress.)

So - At 2:00 pm today they took Mike off the morphine drip. I'm now in a holding pattern. Waiting for Mike to "come back" mentally. Then he will have to regain enough strength to walk from a wheelchair to a car.

My friend Reta said - if it's God's will that Mike goes to Tulsa, God will work out the details. If the pieces of the puzzle fit together...God will be in it. So far...Every piece is in place except Mike!

I've seen God move and work many times, but never more miraculously, more dramatically or more quickly than today.

One of the biggest "pieces" that amazed me was the actual ultrasound report. I had been trying to get the report faxed to Tulsa since Wednesday. Our case manager was always a little hesitant in answering my insistent requests for "validation" that they would try to treat Mike's liver. She kept repeating - "Get me the ultra sound report so I can show the doctor."

When I spoke to our case manager in Tulsa late this pm, she said "You know that ultrasound report you had faxed to me? Well - there isn't anything surprising on there. The tumor hasn't grown to destroy the liver or anything." And she proceeded to read me the report. She said there is nothing in this report that is a surprise, you get back here and we will treat him!"

Remember the doctor we saw the first time and how I asked for prayer that if he didn't return to CTCA, the "right" doctor would be put on Mike's case? Well - today - our case manager said that a new doctor - a liver cancer SPECIALIST is being assigned to Mike! ANOTHER piece of the puzzle.

Another "puzzle piece" was I asked one of my friends to pray for someone to be able to go with me to Tulsa (not an easy task since everyone works!) and she called me back and said she would take care of our daughter's children for as long as necessary so our daughter could go with us! (My daughter has 15 days of vacation coming and could qualify for more paid time off!)

Please pray for Mike's mental "fog" to lift and for his strength to return quickly. There are no gaurantees that Mike will respond to any treatment, but if God wants us to go to Tulsa....and He sure worked out a lot of stuff today...we will go.

Love and hugs,

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Guest Tim'sKathy


I am praying SO hard for you and Mike...

Have you tried Corporate Angels? There are several other groups out there that will fly you and Mike for free to get treatment...I think the American Cancer Society has the info...I will try and find it for you....



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Guest Tim'sKathy


Corporate Angels Network


Westchester County Airport

One Loop Rd

White Plains, NY 10604

Phone Number

(914) 328-1313

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Dear Shannon and Mike,

Oh I only wish I could take some of that stuff off your plates!!

Your friend Reta is RIGHT! God will do what he see's to be the right thing to do! GOD IS GOOD!!!

I love you two dearly and I wouldn't miss ONE day of Saying a Prayer or 50 of them for you both.

Hang in there my dear, YOUR LOVED BY MANY OF US!!! Wouldn't it be nice if all this love could heal our Mike??? (grin)!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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My heart goes out to you! Everything is falling into place. I only hope you can connect with the organization that provides the free flights, please look into that. I am so glad your daughter can go with you and that Mike will be able to receive better care. It is unbelievable about the malnourishment. What are they thinking? You have got to be the strongest, most incredible person I have ever seen. You make me feel like a wimp! You know we are all praying for you and Mike, thank you for keeping us updated.


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Shannon, after seeing what my dad has been going through, I can TOTALLY see why malnurishment is the cause of 2/3rds of cancer patient deaths. I wish I knew that statistic a week ago, but dad is on a new apetite enhanser and it seems to be doing the trick.

I am glad that you guys are going back to Tulsa-praying the "fog" will lift Mikes strength will improve.

When my mom was in the hospital awaiting surgery for her ovarian cancer, she was TERRIFIED, I swear her roommate was an angel. She told my mother to take all her worries, put them in a box and send it up to God...He'll take care of it. After that conversation, my Mom did just that, she handled everything with new eyes...and STILL does. Her roommate really gave her a great gift, the gift of FAITH. It will never steer you wrong.

Take care, Shannon and Mike, Deb

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