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Paddy and David


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Paddy asked that I give you all an update about David.

David is still extremely weak. Paddy is having to do most things for him and she is exhausted. She said she is just too tired to even post right now, but hopes to be back talking to you in 2 or 3 days. As she already told you, David started Iressa last week (I think it was Thursday). They are going to give the Iressa two weeks, and if there is no improvement, she will contact hospice.

Their two daughters have both gone home now (our own Karen [K and Kids], and I don't remember their other daughter's name), and Paddy said they had a wonderful visit and David really enjoyed their visits.

She also said that if it gets too hard for her that she has some friends she can call on for help, and her brother and wife have also volunteered to fly in to help her.

Please remember David and Paddy and their family in your prayers.

Love to all,


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Please know my prayers are heading your way, you must be beyond exhaustion. :cry:

Don't wait until you are too run down to call the neighbors for help, call them when you have enough energy to give David some smiles and laughs, it will be good for both of you.

God Bless you both


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Thanks for posting this update and thank you and all the dear friends on this board for your continued support.

I have been trying to call every day to keep tabs on how things are going. I have spoken to Dad as of yesterday and he is pretty honest about feeling weaker each day. It is very hard knowing how much Mom is having to do for him now and not being able to be there. Thankfully, there are a couple friends who have come to the rescue and have been a good support to Mom and there for Dad too.

Thank you all for your prayers. I haven't posted much since my return but I try to read the posts here when I get a chance. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I'm so glad to have been able to spend a week with Mom and Dad. The hardest part is being so far away and not being able to just be there when I am needed.

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I know it's hard for you to be so far away, but please take comfort in knowing that it meant so much to your mom and dad that you were able to go visit. I know that they both want you right where you are - taking care of your adorable children.

Iressa has done wonders for my husband, and I am praying it will do the same for your dear, sweet dad.

Hang in there!!



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Paddy and David,

You are both in my prayers that Iressa starts to work well and quickly. Paddy, please don't get too worn out before you call for help. David needs you to be strong and its very hard to be strong when you are exhausted. Know that you are in my thoughts often and that I always think of you as my friends.


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