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"WORRIED" follow up


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First I want to thank all my brothers and sisters for coming to our rescue. My wife called the nurse and also had the report sent to her. The nurse told her that she has dense breasts and they need to get another mammogram. She also said there was no signs of cancer.

But when my wife got the report, she said it said something about a possible node but also said there was no signs of cancer. She has to go back Nov 18. I guess if they thought it could be something serious they would have her come in sooner. When I get home I will read the report for myself.

Again I would like to thank everyone for your support.

Ray A

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Relax, Ray...

A node could be anything from a cyst (often caused by caffeine) to a plugged/infected milk duct. If they are firm in the "no cancer", follow Don Wood's advice and don't borrow trouble.

Glad the news was mild, sorry the poor woman has to vise the pair again in another slam-o-gram..


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Wow, what a relief. I also have dense breasts, so whenever I go for a mammogram, they automatically followup with a sonogram. Your wife may want to request that to be on the safe side. Take care.

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I did not catch the first post, but just FYI, my mom got called back ma ny times for a follow up mamogram and it was all just fine. She also has a nodule that they did not think was cancer and it has been stable for quite a few years, they are just watching it.

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Ray, So sorry I just saw your posts - I get called back EVERY time I have a mammogram - same thing - dense breasts and they always want to do an ultrasound just to "be safe". The mere fact that they are not calling her in for an immediate follow up and are waiting until mid-november sounds good to me. I will continue to pray that everything turns out okay, but try to put your mind to ease. Love, Sharon

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