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Dr. Visits on 12/16/04


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I have good news all around! My coughing up blood issue was probably caused by all the construction dust I was exposed to, according to my oncologist, since it stopped after the construction stopped, also since i'm feeling so well, he's not worried. He confirmed that my hypothyroid issue was, in fact caused by my radiation (I have a small tatoo on my throat next to where the gland is located). He thought it was very smart on my PC dr. to test me for thyroid problems when I was such a mess last month. So yesterday, I saw the PC physician and the oncologist, both of whom are very pleased with my health! I get my next CAT Scan in February (i'm on a 6 month cycle now!) 8) Two years, eight months since my first treatment, which the oncologist thought was wonderful. All in all yesterday was a wonderful day! I wish the very same thing for everyone here. :)


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