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Lost a family friend to LC today


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The beast took another good soul.

Alex was late 50s/early 60s and only diagnosed 4 short weeks ago. He was dizzy, doctor sent him home. Two days later could not get out of bed, off to hospital where they found SCLC Extensive, mets to brain and liver. He had brain radiation and was about to receive chemo this morning.

The phone rang early this morning and it was his wife who is like my second mother--we worked together 4 years ago and remained close. I thought maybe she ended up needing help with transporation afterall. Nope, it was news that he passed on Fri night :(

My dad is in the most shock b/c on Fri morning he met Alex for the first time when he picked him up from chemo orientation and drove him home so his wife could go back to work. My dad said he looked GREAT, he enjoyed talking to him, his attitude was wonderful, and he was planning to drive him to chemos in the future. It is just unbelievable how fast it can go! Apparently his lung collasposed, he was spitting up blood and he died at home at 9pm.

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