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The Cancer is Back

Kel M

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Hi All,

After six months of NED, yesterday's tests showed that Mom's cancer has made a comeback. There are two spots in the lung, instead of the original one and Mom's doctors are going to continue with advanced tests to determine if it has spread elsewhere. Needless to say, I feel like I've been cut off at the knees. It's a little overwhelming the second time around. At least they are going to attempt an aggressive treatment again - tempered by the fact that Mom has a blood clot in her lung as well.

I'm flying home today and will put my game face on for this next fight. Mom is terribly frightened, as am I. My emotions are all over the map and I am finding it difficult to maintain some sense of balance. I'm sure things will get better once the shock wears off. At least, I hope so. :?

Please keep us in your prayers and know that my prayers are also with you.



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Aw, Kel....dangitall. I'm sorry it's back...but very glad it's been caught and it sounds like her docs have a plan of attack. Tell Mom to keep her chin up and keep slugging away...and you do the same. The next line of attack might be wildly successful.....so don't give up hope.

Remind your mom that she and I BOTH are supposed to be back out on that golf course....and I'm expecting her to be there! Tell her I hollered "fore" and told her not to give up on this!

Sending all positive thoughts your and her way!

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Kel,sorry to hear this.Your right it does take the wind out of your sails.The same thing happened to me.I had 2 checkups with all clear & BANG.all of a sudden it was in my other lung.(only one left).

Hoping the agressive treatments will get it gone for good this time.Also hope treatments are manageable for your mom with no bad side affects.

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It does knock you over when it comes back especially if there were no signs. With me I never had any signs EVER!

Please stay encouraged. I was in remission 1 year and then again for 17 months!! I even went back to work and am teaching 2 evening class a week at the local college.

Prayers being said for you and your mom.

Love Cindy

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Mom will be having a brain scan tomorrow to rule out the possibility that the cancer has spread into the brain. We are hopeful that the test will turn out positively.

Like everyone else who has been through a relapse, we are struggling to make sense of it and trying to remain positive. Needless to say, it's been difficult. Mom is devastated and feels responsible for the return of her illness. She keeps apologizing to people for putting them through it again. It's heartbreaking. I talked to her about feeling that way and explained that unless she ordered it to return, she can't possibly be responsible for the recurrence. Logic is, unfortunately, overruled by emotion at this time.

We are grieving - each of us - in our own way. We have a great deal of hope that second line treatment will do the trick, but we also know that Mom has suffered terrible setbacks in the last year that are making her re-think her position on treatment and her chances. Possibly the hardest conversation I've ever had to have occurred this past weekend, where my Mom I discussed her options and the consequences of certain choices. I somehow managed to hold myself together for it, but then disappeared outside to beat the $%!@ out of the snow. The dog now benefits from multiple trails in which to romp and pee in. :lol:

I told her she has my 100% support no matter what and that we would see it through together (though I obviously hope she'll want to give it another go). Thanks for caring, all. It means so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as we live this disease.



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Our emotions do breakdance when we get this kind of news. I consider breakdancing kind of "wild" and that's how I would describe the emotions and numbness we feel when we get this kind of bad news. BUT, you are correct. It will pass. Most of us agree that it takes about two weeks to get over bad news, and then it's back to the center of the ring to start the fight.

You sound like you are a pretty solid person and I admire you for letting your mom take the lead in the tough decisions she is making. Hang in there. As you know, this lc roller coaster is like the biggest one at Disney World - it goes way, way, way up, and goes way, way, way down, but then it goes back up again.



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