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New nodule missing


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Wonderful news!!!

I too am curious -- did they say what the nodule may have been and where it went?? :?

Just out of curiosity -- did you do anything different in between scans? Exercise to strengthen your lungs? Change your eating? Take different supplements?

I'm just wondering if you may have inadvertently done something that helped your body to get rid of whatever it was!

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Hi Heather, I don't think they really know what it was or is. Could be the scans were a little different and picked it up on one view but not on another view, or it may have been inflammation. The Doctor said that if you scanned people off the street a large number would have something show up.

I really didn't do anything different that may have helped, although that is a very interesting thought. Actually, I did everything that is supposed to be bad for me. I decided to enjoy the holidays and I ate and drank all the bad stuff. Candy, cookies, pie, alcohol, fast food and fatty stuff. I did gain a few pounds but I'll work on that now. :wink::D

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Hi Marie----although scans are great, since I have had lung cancer, I have

lit up the scans many times---I even had something by my gall bladder that has now disappeared. I will have a scan and some nodule shows up, the next time it is gone but is in a new spot--I agree, that these spots probably lived happily in my body with no one the wiser--

-however, due to the history of the lung cancer, I would rather be safe than sorry

but--it has caused alot of scary moments when I read the reports---so I know how you feel

I am glad you got great results---


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