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Still no brain MRI


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OK, so I have been freaking out for over a week about this brain MRI. Was scheduled for this past Monday but I was too sick, couldn't lay down and breath for an hour. Then it was scheduled for today and I got there and they didn't take my insurance! Soooooooooooo, now it's scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7am. They are calling for 1-3 inches of snow!

For those of you who don't know about Virginia.......we had an inch of snow yesterday and there were over 200 accidents on the interstates, they shut down the interstates!

So I get to get up at the crack of dawn, watch my husband clean off the car :lol: and drive into the hospital with these crazy Virginians. I can handle it but others are crazy!

Someone DOES not want me to get this MRI! Or I am so jinxed!

It's just one thing after another, after another, after another! If it wasn't my life I wouldn't believe it! I would say "look at Beth, she has to be the center of attention! everything always has to happen to her" my life is turning into a joke. I know that God is tired of hearing all the prayers about me! Maybe he'll give in! :lol:

I give up! Here's to hoping that my Mom and I make it to the hospital, that the technician makes it to the hospital and that I can finally get into that damn machine! With my mom standing outside holding my foot and singing x-mas carols to me because she can't think of anything else! I'd take my husband but he can't sing! :lol:

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Here's keeping my fingers crossed for the best for you for tomorrow. Being a Virginian, I know about that forecast, but do you have to send that stuff down here to Norfolk after you get done with it.. lol That stuff we had yesterday sure did make a mess of traffic. One of my sons works emergency road service/ lockouts and he was on the roads. It was really a mess. Good luck Beth and hope ur feeling better... Let us know...


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I know that God is tired of hearing all the prayers about me! Maybe he'll give in!

ROFL! I don't know the exact location in the Bible, Beth, but I do know there's a verse, when translated, means "Ask and keep on asking". With all of us pestering God, we probably having you "in his face" 24/7, and He loves it!!



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There's no way I am getting into any machine at seven in the morning, Christmas carols or not. I would have to be there the night before and camp out. For that you win the BIG prize and I am hoping that prize is a clean and pea free brain. You and Dave have enough in common without adding peas to the mix.....lol.

I will be thinking of you and singing Frosty the Snowman for in your honor.

love and fortitude


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Hope you can make it to your appointment. That's how I felt about the people in the valley when we moved here from a place that gets a lot of snow to a place that gets tiny if any or they get ice storms and people think they can drive 70mph in the ice :roll: Well hope your appointment goes well and stay as calm as possible :D

My prayers are with you

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Honestly Beth, things DO seem to have a way of happening to you and have right along, but you always completely amaze me by your ability to laugh and be funny in the face of whatever stuff is being thrown at you. I have SO much admiration for your way of handling whatever setbacks come your way, but I truly do feel you are WAY overdue for something good, so I'm putting my money on a clear MRI. If it takes getting there in a snowstorm to get a clear MRI, I'll wish that for you! I'll be sending good thoughts to you, my special buddy - just be careful and get there safe! :)

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Hi Justa,

Here is to hoping that you will be out of bed in time for the test and that your Mom will be with you. Ask her if she knows any Elvis.. Blue Suede Shoes, Jailhouse Rock, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..

You just gotta get in that machine. Though, I know that the results will be just fine.

Cindi o'h

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