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Today was one week from first treatment. It was bad, but could have been worse. I have been nauseated the whole time and have lost 3 lbs. It knocked me off my feet honestly till today. I am now starting to feel a little better. I feel sore all over like i have been run over by a truck. Getting ready to start radiation on Monday and back to chemo 2 weeks from now. I hope it gets easier for me. I didn't think it would be that bad. But like all you guys say, you have to do it if you want to beat it so I will fight it all the way. Thanks for all your words of kindness and prayers. I will be keeping you updated as I feel up to it.

Love and Prayer,


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Good going there. oooh. now you know what chemo feels like. A whole 'nother experience, huh? I always heard about chemo, but didn't have a clue til I felt for it myself. This is the medicine that will make you all better. Good going and congrats on finishing up your first week!

Hang in there ....(it only gets worse before it gets better)

Cindi o'h

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I can offer a few things that may help. The day of chemo and the day after try to drink as much fluids as you can. This will help with the ache muscles. As far as the nausea is concerned you onc should have given you stuff in your IV before the chemo and you should have some compazine at home. Good luck with it all.


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Nancy! Sorry you were so sick after the first chemo! Ask your Doctor for some nausea pills; they work like a charm. I have had 22 days of chemo and felt nauseaous twice. Both times it was from eating something I shouldn't have. Stick to bland, non-greasy food. Soup is great! Pass by Mcdonalds on the way home!

Hang in there! You will make it! Let us know what chemo drugs you are taking! Prayers coming for you! LOve, Marge

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