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ED time. (emergency department; not the TV show)

cindi o'h

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Good Morning

I am sorry to see you still hanging at the hospital, but glad they are checking you out and good too it seems. Have they admitted you or are you still in the ER?

I wish i lived in Minnesota I would be right there with you as I am sure many of us on here would be. Just use your imagination as we are all here thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Prayers for you my dear



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Okay, at least you seem to be in good hands and you still have your sense of humor, even in the ER. :D

Don't scare us like this next time, which I hope that won't be.

Let us know the results when you get them back.

I am sure you ate something by now, even if it is hospital food.


Poor Cindi, stuck in a hospital with nothing to do but wait. You must have been going crazy with boardom. Any cute male nurses?

Anyway, you take good care hon, keep us posted :wink:


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I am dressed and ready to go home. I had an angiogram at around 1:30. Lots of versid and fentenol...

I thought that the cardiologist would be doing the procedure, but instead the cardiology fellows did. There showed NO blockage in the stent. The pressure in my artery leading to the lung was checked and was normal.

I don't know what is wrong. The pulmonologist did stop and I will being evaluated by her next week.

I am on my way home...hooray!

Cindi o'h

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Always glad to get a "biggie" checked off the possibility list, but know it leaves you with no answers. Sounds like Ry an Becky have a treatment plan worked out though! :wink: I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a quick turnaround.

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That versid does a number. It makes you forget. Now. When I am home, I was re-thinking what the doc told me. He said that the major arteries all looked good. On the screen, after the procedure, he showed me another artery(?) that is pretty much blocked. I never heard of this one before. I guess it is an auxillary artery. It is on the inside of the heart. Anyway, he said that if they stented it, that because it is so narrow, that it would just close up again.

I am going to have to talk with him again when I am not messed up on the versid so that I can get some clarification.

I had pretty good care except for the last nurse. But, everyone else was superb. My "team" were all about to graduate, had taken their boards and had 4 weeks to go to get their long white gowns. They looked like kids!

I am glad my pulmonologist showed up. I really like her so much. I will be seeing her on the 8th of March for a PFT and maybe she can help with my SOB. I hope that she will consider some O2. That helped tremendously.

They asked tons of questions of me, but were not good about giving me any answers.

I ate two sandwiches and a hospital food dinner. I was hungry!

I guess I am glad that I got checked out. I don't like being in the hospital. But, it is part of being a complex person.

I will post just for laughs the jokes that Jerry the ED nurse was telling me. He spilled them out, one after the other so fast.

Thanks for all of your well wishes and thoughts and prayers. Y'all are the best.

Cindi o'h

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You are complex, Cindi honey!! And versid doesn't seem to help, does it? :wink: It's only when you're running the pub that I understand EVERYTHING you say and do!! :D Must be the atmosphere, ya think? 8)

So glad you're home and feeling better. And good as it is to have things ruled out....it does sound like you DO need to further discuss that one closed up artery with your doc to see what might be done.

It's got to be downer of sorts, to have to deal with all this heart stuff on top of the l.c., eh? Complicated indeed. But keep being a good girl about getting professional advice when you're not feeling like yourself....will you?

Follow up on all this. Take notes about what you remember and write down all your questions. And then report back to us when you find out anything new. You can find me, third barstool on the left from the big bowl of beer nuts. (And NO, that is not a reference to Frank and others! :lol: )

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