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ED time. (emergency department; not the TV show)

cindi o'h

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Hey gang.

I decided I need some help. I have been waiting patiently to get better, but I feel like I am getting worse. I am a member of a wonderful support group. I am the only one there with lc issues. The rest have other stuff going on. I called one of our members and she talked me into going in. I had a stent replaced last Fall and I think it has failed again. I have been having heart attack symptoms and trying desperately to ignore them. I guess that is one of the symptoms of a heart attack...the denial business...

I have had the flu now for 4 weeks solid. I have laryngitis and although the chest congestion is better, much better than it was, I am still not doing so well there either. Just a short walk into a convenience store gets my heart rate up and I still am feeling quite weak.

I am done trying to play doctor for myself today. I am taking Sally's good advice and gettiing evaluated. Wish me well. If you don't hear from me for a bit, then they kept me. Otherwise, I will be back to pour some more beer and mix some more drinks.. some good ones!

Love, Cindi

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All good thoughts being sent with you, Cindi. Remember....you do NOT have a medical degree...and if you doctor yourself, then what's the guy with the degree supposed to do? Tend our virtual pub? :wink:

You need to be evaluated. Under the circumstances...and whether we get sick of seeing doctors or not....it makes no sense not to utilize their expertise when we are feeling "off", sick and/or something seems to be hanging on too long.

We await word from you.

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Cindi, get over to the ER and get that flu checked out. Then get your butt back here pronto because we need you. Before you leave the ER be generous and offer to leave the bug there because you have had it long enough. Don't be stingy and try to keep it for yourself. Will be looking for your update.


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Cindy, You have been a bad girl. :oops: You have been sick for 4 weeks and did not let anyone know here. Meanwhile, you have been posting your upbeaty posts to everyone, and here you are sick. Now you are having heart symptoms. Hmmm, if it was one of us the first thing you would post would be, get your a-- the doctor or ER and get it checked out!!!

That is much too long go be sick. Damn girl, you should know better than to wait that long. There is only one you and you have to take care of yourself.

I am having heart symptoms just waiting for you to let us know what the prognosis is.

Now that Iam finished bawling you out, know that Iam thinking of you and sending your much healing thoughts that I can.

Keep us posted ASAP

Love ya


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Hey. I grabbed the laptop going out the door and put it in an old purse.

I am at the UofM hospitals. Treated me real nice in the ED. Made everyone laugh and one of the nurses had jokes that Don Wood would go for ...one after the other.

I had a tests and they have all come back negative...so I guess that is good. Spiral CT to check for blood clots, troponin level, and other cardiac enzymes, EKG.

They put Oxygen on me that made me feel better right away. I forgot what it was like to breathe at 99%. It feels great. I have had umteen residents and fellows listening, looking, interviewing, and scolding.

All good professionals so far. The cardiology team is coming in for more prodding in the morning. They wouldn't feed me tonight, in case of an angiogram/plasty/stent in the morning. We will see what happens.

It is strange having people get all excited about a heart attack and lc takes a back burner. In my mind, for some reason, the lc is a front burner thing and the heart is back burner. But, this is a short-lived thing and whatever is going on is easily remedied compared to what we have been through with the lc.

Well. I am a very complex person. And we will get through this one too. Thanks for all of your encouragement and even a little old fashioned hand slapping. I deserved it. I am not as open about my stuff as I should/could be. And I tend to not pay attention to me and I tend to minimize my stuff. It just seems like mine is so small compared to what all of a lot of you are going through.

Love. Cindi ..

I will see if I can post in the morning.

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