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1 year anniversary!


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Today is my one year anniversary of diagnosis. It is hard to believe that a year has passed.

Looking back, I thank god that the radiologist found it (my gp didn't catch it on the xray!) - without his watchful eye I may have not been writing this today.

Thanks to all for your insight, wisdom, and laughs on this board!!

Cheers to many more anniversary to myself and all CANCER SURVIVORS!!


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woooohooooo !!

This is zactly what we needed to get a party going! Anything you want, Wendy, it is on the house for you today. For you and all of your buddies! ORDER UP! What'll it be?

You have done an amazing job through all of this. You have worked hard on the physical stuff and challenged yourself on the emotional, psychological and spiritual stuff that comes with this illness. You have faced your problems and worked through them the best you could for that day. You have really been an inspiration to me. I am sure that if I can see this in you that others can too. But, most importantly, you must see growth in yourself, ya?

So. 'Nuf said. Now, let's get a little loopey! I think Addie said that there were some beer nuts in there. And I heard some good music is on the box. And there is that blonde who is coyote ugly who has everyone in stitches...let's go! Party time!!

Love, Cindi o'h

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Thank you much for the well wishes folks! I am heading on over to my pal Cindi's for a much needed celebration. My day started off magnificent yesterday - as Donna G said, the weather in MN was fantastic and sunny - and ended the day with stomach issues from my friend "IRESSAA" (ugh, I thought I could forget about this stuff for a day).

Oh well, just another fun day in the life of cancer.

Cindi I think I will take a pina colada with some hot nacho's! A little music on the juke box (since the doc said to let my voice have a little more rest from my surgery this month - no singing).


PS - Cindi, thanks for the call last night......it was just what I needed!

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Hey...what are friends of a feather for???

Who else would empathize with this hoarse voice?

(you are sounding better!)

Your drink is served ...hurricane glass with a fresh pineapple spear and pink umbrella! Hot cheesy nachos...yummy. Congratualtions and Enjoy!

love, cindi o'h

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