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Day 4 And Walking & Talking


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Day # 4 of Tarceva 150mg. today. It's VERY early and there's along way to go before I'll be convinced that the Tarceva is responsible for this improvement. But, this afternoon my wife is walking the full length of two hallways ( with a walker ) while talking. Her appetite is good which is good since she lost 5 pounds this week ( 120 ~ 115 ). Six days ago she was intubated in ICU and the docs told my family that she was near death and to say our goodbyes NOW or never. Following removal of the ventilator the next day she was so ill that she could barely breath and talk let alone sit up or walk. My wife's medical condition closely approximates the Iressa case that Dr. Joe sited in his 9/15/04 post. Massive pleural effusions ( with dark cola colored fluid ~ bloody exudate ) left lung collapsed with secondary CHF and renal insufficiency and mets throughout the body including new mets in her ribs, scapula and I think fubulas. Wide spread and severe bone pain. Her ALP level doubled in a week. Providing these updates, whether it be good or bad news, will be my way of giving back to this LC board. IMO this represents a deathbed scenario that will truly put Tarceva to the test. I think that this battle, whichever way it ends, will be beneficial to others facing a similar situation.

Thanks again for the kind words and support.

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Bill, this just made my day. How incredibly remarkable! We all needed some good news today, and I'm so glad it was in your corner.

Don't know if you're a drinking man, but Cindi's pub will probably open just to celebrate this good news. I don't drink, but I'll be there and have a thick, frothy cappucino to celebrate this wonderful news!

Prayers always.



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I hope this is your miracle in the making, Bill!! What a turn around. I will continue to send all good thoughts your wife's way. Please keep us posted on her progress...but it sure does sound like the Tarceva is having a positive effect!!

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Bill, I pray that we continue to receive daily reports like this one!!! There really is strength in numbers and this group can really send up a lot of heartfelt prayers!!!

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