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Pictures for St. Patrick's day Our Elf (Improved)

Mr Ry

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Well, THIS will have to be "be nice to John post" since he put that little angel up to protect him...

This cute little button is one big ball of raw energy...a wonderful child and I have NO CLUE how it happened...musta been UFO's flying the night she was conceived... 8)

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LOl, Beth!!

Well, before reading Beth's post, I was about to say this:

She is a beautiful child and looks so much like both of you! I just love it when kids look like both parents!! (I truly think she does!).

I think that means that when Ry and John grow old they will look like each other, the way some couples do!

However, upon closer look, the dog DOES look a bit like John!


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Thanks to all of you kind words about our beautiful child.

Curtis, lets see a picture of you on here.

Beth, the dog has more hair, quite a bit shorter, no nose hair, and a longer tail.

Sharon, I'll pm you the instructions Becky sent me.

Becky, I do not about the UFOs, but it was Rochelle's birthday.

Nina, I am sure the diamond earrings are in her future (husband).

Elaine, one thing the dog and I have in common is we are both fixed, except his are gone. :shock:

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