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5 for 3/23


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1.) Happy birthday to my loving husband, Greg! Thank you so much for being born!

2.) That we had a helping hand with the taxes. I've always done them myself but this year is so unique I needed help. Thanks Joe!

3.) A sweet memory of my wedding day given to me by a glance at the crystal my cousin gave us as a wedding gift.

4.) Soft, warm & cuddley slippers on my steriod bloated boat feet.

5.) The beautiful picture hanging in my dining room that my sister gave me of a monarch butterfly.


P.S. You know, you can all join in. This is a lot easier than you may think & it really does help kick start your morning to just think of 5 small things you have to be thankful for. Just 5 little happy thoughts - thats all. You'll be amazed at how often they will make you smile through the day. When life starts coming at you, simply pull one of them out & play with it!

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1) Not being a single mom anymore - hubby stayed home with my sick child

2) Almost all the kids will be at our house for Easter - one "kid" and her husband live in CA and can't just drive up

3) I have Friday off (that's my carrot to get through today and tomorrow)

4) Comfy shoes and pants that aren't too long (no 2 1/2" heels today!)

5) Moving to my new office and taking some of the personal stuff from my old office over today

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I am so impressed that you manage to do this everyday! I haven't posted my 5 before, but just reading everyone else's posts makes me think about the things that I am grateful for. It truly has helped to keep things in perspective lately.

Anyway, here goes for today:

1. A great chat with Mum this morning.

2. My daughter's delight when I picked her up from kindy.

3. Air-conditioning - on a day when the mercury soared to 42 degrees celsius!

4. The new sneakers I bought for my 18 month old - they actually light up when he walks. It's very cute!

5. Cindi o's emoticons under Uncle Doug's post - made me laugh!

You're right - its not that hard!


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OK I too read these everyday, but i really didnt think I could come up with 5 things everyday. Now im thinking that if I cannot come up with 5 things a day I am grateful for, then I have a serious problam and need help. so here goes my best shot..

1. My mom

2. My 2 dogs Corky(chinese pug) and Lucy (teacup poodle) who love me so unconditionally sound asleep under my feet.

3. White Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

4. Walmart

5. Twirling practice after school today, so I have 2 extra hours this afternoon befre I pick up my daughter from school.

Not to bad, acuually pretty darn easy!!!

Thanks for the push Melanie


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I read these everyday too because it does make me stop and think but I also like to see what others are thankful for! Thanks for getting this going every morning Melanie!!!

1) My daughter learned how to work the dryer and WANTS to help with laundry

2) Allergy shots so I don't suffer as much in the Spring

3) FANTASTIC immunologist who wants me to stay healthy and who figured out yesterday that my youngest has asthma and want her to be healthy too!

3) My brank spaking new niece or nephew that will arrive tomorrow morning

4) Kids excited to go to St. Louis to see their new cousin instead of taking a big Spring Break trip!

5) Today is my Friday - I don't have to work 5 whole days!!!

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1) That I have a choice in more than one bedroom to sleep in. (last night TimmyTom came running up the stairs with a mouse that he caught in his beak. He let it go at the foot of my bed and he lost it in the curtains! He is old...18 years. and has short term memory loss. After about 5" he was involved in licking his butt and the mouse was but a dream.)

2) an invitation to a very special young woman's wedding in Kona in June

3) Joe and Liesa

4) hearing Justakid laughing in her e-mails

5) Jackie's humor, foolishness, and friendship.

thanks Melanie. I hope that you keep this up. It is good practice for me.

Cindi o'h

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Thanks, Melanie. This helps us all!

l. The sun is going to shine today so I can take a walk.

2. I got a pretty ham to bake in the oven for Easter.

3. I talked to an old and dear friend of mine today.

4. I took a short walk down the street and the big dog I saw and heard barking didn't come after me.

5. I don't have a doctor's appointment today!


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1-costly thing(not insured) that I lost in 2002, and found today in

perfect order.

2- the strength for cleaning the inside of the car, where I found

no. 1, it had been missed twice by the cleaning crew.

3- Peace lily in full bloom.

4- sun was out most of the day.

5- cindi and her jokes


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Thank you Melanie :D

1. Talking to my four year old great neice Veronica. Who was coloring

Easter eggs and is sending me a purple one all the way from Vegas.

2. Survivor tonight .

3. My daughter Kelly has a job interview tomorrow.

4. I got a e-mail from my friend Wendy.

5. My son Keith is a sleep or I would not be here enjoying my time on

the computer. :wink:

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This is really nice! Now to think of 5..............

1. My home and all the necessities.

2. Long term disability insurance thru my work - I think God daily for that.

3. My husband who tho at times seems depressed and overwhelmed at times, is still here for me.

4. My sisters and all my loving friends who continue to pray for me and

continue to ask strangers to include me in their prayer group.

5. My wonderful pets - who, no matter what, bring me laughter, solace,

comfort and joy.

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I just read your story and was appaled at how things were handled with you. I see now that you are doing the 5 things we are thankful for. How wonderful. I have something I am thankful for right this very minute, and that is you!

God Bless you,


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