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Joels Update with Onchologist 3/31


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Hi All,

Joel finally saw his Onchologist today. This was his first visit since all those problems he had with that thyroid thing. Anyway the CT he took Friday came back NED..... Yippy............. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

But ya know, I really was not nervous about it. He has been feeling so good that we just knew that would be the results.

The doc said that it was up to him if he wanted to have the adjuntive chemo or not. So he decided to have it. So he will have the carbo/Taxol 4 times once every 3 weeks, 5 hour sessions.

He also said that Joel will lose all his hair. I mentioned there were people who did not lose all their hair, but he seemed pretty sure he will lose his. Joel does not mind losing his hair, its his mustache that worries him, since NO ONE has ever seen him with it. :shock:

He is going to have his first treatment on April 14th and should finish sometime in July.

Thats is for now... I wish everyone could have good news like that. It makes me feel good to post some good news.

Take care and be good to yourself. :D


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Wonderful, wonderful news. So happy for you both.

As for the hair, Mum is still yet to completely lose her hair, despite being told that when she had WBR she would definitely, definitely lose all of her hair. It's still there :)

Congratulations again on your news. So glad you've got NED in your lives.



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I have had mine since High School and was mostly worried about mine as well. The hair will go on that combo, but the mustache never fully went away. I had 6 rounds, 5 hours every 3 weeks so he should be able to keep his. I started cutting my hair shorter and shorter untill I buzzed it off at round 2, makes it easy to take. Good choice on going with the chemo.


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Thanks for your positive comments.

About the hair situation. Joel has a georgeous full head of hair. His whole family does. But what concerns him is not losing the hair but the doc. said that it could come back curly. :roll: That does not thrill him. Is that true, if so how curly?


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Glad to hear the good news of NED!!!. My Dad had Carbo/Taxol and never completely lost all of his hair. He keeps his hair quite short now so I don't know if it is now curly or not. My friend lost her hair when she was on chemo for breast cancer. It grew in quite curly but after a year or so, it was poker straight again.

Good luck to your hubby.

Gail P-M

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