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Saw the doc yesterday and got my latest scan results. There is "change" from the previous scan. They have noted what my doc referred to as "fluff" around my original primary tumor. It is not clear what this "fluff" represents at this time, but said it could be what is called Lymphangitic Spread. I asked a question about this on Ask the Experts and got a very good description of what it is.

Since they are unsure of whether this is possible spread or scar tissue or what, I am staying on Tarceva for another 6 weeks and will then will re-scan both chest and brain.

Slight increase in pleural fluid and very slight increase in nodules in other lung, but they are still very very small.

That's the update for now.


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Well, phooey! Now you get to sit and sweat for 6 weeks, huh? TAnn, I know you must be very frustrated. Once again, I'll say it - it's just so hard to not know.

I'm just kind of staring at this big white space here trying to figure out what else to say.

I know this won't help one diddly darn, but it's the only thing that comes into my mind to type: When they said my husband's tumors had grown "a little", but we really need to wait another 4 MONTHS to re-scan to know for sure, my heart sunk to my knees. It doesn't matter if it's 4 months or 6 weeks - the waiting is just no fun, so I can identify with how you must be feeling.

Just try to keep your mind real busy with other things, if you can. Have you ever tried cross stitch? I haven't done it for a while, but it is absolutely mind absorbing, easy to learn, and you just keep wanting to do more so you can see how it looks. Another good thing to do is work crossword puzzles.

You are in my prayers!



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That is a bummer. Fluff? Waiting is the hardest part of this entire thing I think. Once I know I can adjust mentally for whatever. Its the not knowing that drives me nuts. I can't think of anything that I can say that will help except that you are in my prayers and thoughts. The next one will have to be better. That's all there is to it. Stay busy.


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At the hospital we wait for people to "blow wind", "pass flatus", "expell gas". Just last week one of my patients told me on the school bus they called it "fluffing" I hope this problem will pass like blowing in the wind. Donna G

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