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If you have a spare thought...


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My spare thoughts will be with her while I'm having my tests on Friday too. I'm a little more fortunate in that I will have all my results before I leave the hospital.........thank heavens for computer linked MRI and CT machines!

Stay strong


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Hi Dee,

Wishing Clair the best for good results. :D

You are such a great friend, and she is so lucky to have you at her side.

Did you ever make a decision of those fair weather friends of hers? :shock: Just curious.

Take care, prayers sent to her.


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Maryanne, I decided to do nothing for now. I loved the proactive ideas from you and Cindi but these people are not my friends (I only ever saw them with her)and so any phone call to them would of itself be pointed and not casual. I wanted to phone them up and rip their heads off but Brian (of Brat) made a good point that I might embarrass Claire by doing that and I think I would. It's not easy.

Thanks for asking. Dee

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