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I was just typing a response to Don when Claire phoned. Yep, she's still NED. Anybody know why I'm bawling my eyes out like a baby?

The doc doesn't want to see her now till October which is 4 months away. Do you think this is right 'cause it seems a bit far off to me?

Signing off as one hugely relieved


PS Cindi are you around and are you OK?

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I was starting to wonder if those results were in yet! So glad to hear they were so GREAT! Yes, 4 months does sound right to me. That's the way it goes after so long.

BTW, any updates on the "friends" of Claire's? Would love to hear any - if so :roll: .

Make sure Claire knows how ecstatic we all are for her and that it would be so WONDERFUL to actually see her post here! WOW!!!!!


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SO happy for your friend Claire.

I just got my results back today after my first scan from surgery and it was ned also. We can celebrate together...

By the way, what part of England are you from. I love England> Was there three years ago and can't wait to go back. My parents wer born in Ryhope (Mother) and Castletown (Father).

Bill in PA

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Hi Dee for Doughnuts..

congrats out to Claire! Wonderful news.

When the doc put my time out to 4 months, I got a little nervous too. It felt like my training wheels were being taken off taking off or someone was letting go of the bicycle. What do ya do? Keep peddling!

I am all right.. had a few who noticed that I disappeared. Went fishing on a whim and caught a bunch. Also revisited some amazing scenery that without cancer, I don't know if I could have seen or appreciated the splendor of a farmfield. Some of them are simply spectacular!

Thanks, honey, for thinking of me. When you are up for a party, let me know.

Cindi o'h

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