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Little Luna

cindi o'h

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wow, what awesome photos.............we are glad to see the pics that tug on our heartstrings.

2 of our neighborhood cats.............who should NOT have been outside...........killed 2 of our baby bunnies yesterday.

Brian and I were both crying while we cleaned up the mess..............it was so sad, so we are glad to see some loveable kitties who know how to co-exist with other of God's creatures.



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Luna is such a character. Sometimes I think she

believes she is a dog. :? I have three saint

bernards Luna has became really attached to

Destiny our 1 year old st. bernard. She plays with

her, sleeps with her, eats with her and even drinks

out of Destiny's huge water bowl. :wink: Cindi, for

sure picked a real keeper when she chose Luna. :D

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What a cutie patootie!

Over the weekend, Tootsie & Button and I had squatters try to move into our screened in back porch-- a mating pair of finches. Well, at least they were trying to mate. They decided to come in through a teenie hole in the screen and build a nest in my shelves. No way! I finally got them out with both kitties watching eagerly from inside the house, just waiting for their chance to either help me get the birdies to go out the door, or to have lunch. (I shudder to think which.)

When I propped open the door to let them out, the other one decided I was making it easier for them to come and go, so she came in with another mouthful of nest material. Nononono!!!!!

I finally got them out, then let Tootsie sun on the porch for a while so they wouldn't come back.

Early Sunday morning, guess who was back, singing up a storm! Ha. Finally got him out and went back to work patching holes in the screen, and set Tootsie to guard the porch again. :roll:

Tootsie seemed eager enough to get at the bird, as if I'd have let her that close, but my bet is that faced with a real live critter, she wouldn't have been so brave, being the little spoiled rotten indoor princess that she is. Button, on the other hand, would make hash out of the bird in seconds. I think if it's larger than a bug, Tootsie will leave it to me to handle. Such a brave protector.

I think time and time again what I would have done or how I would have made it through this last year without these sweet kitties that I have. They have been the best of friends and companions each and every day. They really get into this "rest" thing too!

Thanks, Cindi, for sharing pictures of this little sweetie. I wish I could have dozens of animals -- I do love them!


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First off I love cats and have two littens right now that I adore.

Luna is just adorable and makes me just want to hold her and cuddle her. Thanks for all the pictures, I have really enjoyed them and what a neat concept!

God Bless,


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She is such a little darling. I sure would love to see her play with my brood. I've got 3 of my own - Yeah, they see me comingg with "SUCKER FOOR CUTENESS" stammped accross my foorehead! Iff it weren''t for tthe cost of heallth ccare, I'd prrobably have dozenns morre. Gottta get offf heree now,, I justt complettely ran ouut of gass.

Hugss & Praayers,,


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She is soo darn cute. Is she cuddly too? I want her to sit on my lap for awhile in cyberland.

You will share, wont' you, Cindi???

Please. My boy is on steroids now and he has become quite unsocialble. But at least he is in no pain that I can tell.

How's Tim? Is he jealous of Luna????


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my dearest,

My name is Greg Cantlin. My wife's name is Melanie.

Tonight we looked at your sweet little kitty, Luna.

Life has been a little hard lately. Melanie showed me the pictures of Luna . They brought me happy thoughts. May God bless you and yours. Melanie says that she hopes that you and Tim are happy in your New Home. My prayers aand love go to you and yours.

Love Greg Cantlin, the proud hubby of Melanie.

The following is from Melanie...

Folks, I can't possibly convey to you what a labor of love the typing my Hubbie did above was. I just love him to death but a typist, he ain't. It must have taken him a good half hour to get that out.

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Oh, I know. Isn't she sweet? You should read the stories that Haylee sends to me about her... you would just love it! She is a little character!

And Greg, husband of MelanieR, thanks for pecking out the words that were so sweet. You made me smile almost as big as when Luna makes me smile.

To all the cat lovers out there..."aren't we a lucky bunch?"

love, cindi o'h

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