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I have some good news. Out of the lymphs that are infected, one is gone (as far as being lit up on pet), two have shrunk, and two have stayed stable.

Praise God it has not spread or grown!

but, there's always a but, since it is still present, the onc has put her on two new chemos. One is lomustine, pill form, and the other is cytoxan.

Anyone have experience with this combo?

No radiation needed at this point either.

God is good, now let's watch Him work some more!

He's a Mighty Miracle Working God!

Mom's spirits are still wonderful. She's simply amazing.

Thank you for your continued prayers. you're awesome!


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All good terms. Gone, stable, shrunk...all of them good words. As for the chemo coctail that your mom is on, I have never heard of either of those drugs. Having said that, what I have heard of means nothing.

Congratulations on good news.


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