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My quarterly lchelp drive-by......


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Hi all. I just had another CT scan, and NED is still with me. :D

For the first time since I was diagnosed, I actually had the courage to wait two days until my appointment with my oncologist for the results. I usually call my Primary and have her check the radiologists report on the hospitals network within 4 hours of the test. I somehow need to figure out how stop living life three months at a time.

To any of you facing tests, or negative results; don't give up! Some amazing things DO happen, and you have a lot of people here pulling for you.



PS - The new avatar is from a road-trip over the 4th of July. My eldest daughter and I drove from Portland OR, to San Francisco, CA and stayed for four days doing the tourist thing. Spontaneous trip, with 24 hours planning. I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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Hey neighbor,

Great news :D

There's just something about those Providence doctors, they are wonderful :wink:

Sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco, good therapy.

This scan just may be the one to help you stop living life in three month increments. You're racking up those NEDS :D

Take care,


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To all of you who wished me well, Thank You. Somehow, knowing you are all out there makes a huge difference in how I feel about this disease.


We need to do lunch again as soon as I get moved. Thanks for the good wishes.


>I don't think I was here the last time you drove by. So, this is my first hello to you.

Hello to you, also. Nice to meet you.

Cindy o'h:

>Say, you and your little girl look more like brother and sister than father and daughter.

THANK YOU! I am not sure my daughter would appreciate that, but I do.

>How bout one in the pub? Frank is buying...!

Already did that, and it was waaay more than one. :wink:

Best wishes to all,


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