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Fay A.

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Tomorrow morning I will have a FNAB on the tumor in the upper lobe of my left lung. Here's to hoping that the doc gets a good sample for accurate pathology, and that my Lung stays inflated because I don't have a backup Lung for breathing, and that there will be no problems with bleeding. And since I'm telling you all of my hopes, here's to hoping that the mass turns out to be truly benign. That's what I'm really hoping for.

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Fay, I'm hoping with you for all good things to come out of this. As always, I'm impressed with your high level of knowledge about your condition and the treatments you have, so I'm optimistic -- very much so.

Will be thinking about you and praying, as usual.


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Sure Ry, give me the dirty work. Oh well, no shortage of chicken blood down here in Oklahoma and since its for a fellow chicken cult goddess...

Fay, I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Everything is crossed that all things work out for you and your results are what you wish for.

Tell them you need to have the procedure done in a big room. You will have a crowd there with you in spirit...

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I have a good idea what you are up against. Praying that the surgeon will get a good spec. the first try, that the pathologist will be there to declare everything okay. That there will be minimal bleeding. That your lung will stay inflated and strong. That there will not be any damage to your lung and that you will feel no pain or discomfort during your convalesence.

We will all be gathering around you as you drift off. We will all be there in spirit. We are a force to be reckoned with.

Cindi o'h

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Praying for all of the things you are hoping for and for nothing but good news. As for the chicken blood...glad Debi is in charge of that. Here in north Alabama there are chicken houses scattered all over the county. It is NOT a place I relish going but if you run out of blood I will venture out and get plenty more for you. This cult thing is too important not to have plenty of blood. :wink:


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